🐹🦔 HEDGEHOG VS Hamster in OLYMPIC Animal Games !! Battle OBSTACLE COURSE by Life of Pets Hamham

Life Of Pets HamHam
🐹🦔 HEDGEHOG VS Hamster in OLYMPIC Animal Games !! Battle OBSTACLE COURSE
OLYMPIC Animal Games is organized by Life of Pets Hamham. A battle between a cute hamster and a tiny baby hedgehog. Funny hamster olympics with challenging sections for 2 animals with different characteristics and personalities, hamsters and porcupines, our two great competitors.
ANIMAL OLYMPIC CHAMPION with 4 different sports. Our funny little friends will try their luck in next sports: Swimming, Hurdles, Football and Climb the mountain. Each section will have interesting challenge obstacles that need a hedgehog and hamster to overcome.
The 2 adorable athletes spent a lot of time practicing sports and the skills to be able to give their all to the fans the most impressive competition. The cool battle olympic battle of porcupines and hamsters is waiting for you to discover.
Let’s see who is the best!

You can give us suggestions for new characters in the next videos. The battles or the challenges of the animals are so friendly and amazing. We are animal lovers.

Hope you have some fun with Life Of Pets HamHam
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  1. Life Of Pets HamHam Thanks for this! Can't wait for More. Oh and Happy dare day! :d

  2. THIS IS MORE CUTE! I need a hedgehog :3

    HamHam is a God ❤

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  5. I see your videos to be more happy on my day verry thanks to do that's amazing work

  6. Hi I am a new subscriber here! I like your video👍

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    Thank you is not bad

  9. Eu tô assistindo todos os seus vídeos. 🐹❤tá hamham

  10. นํานพนก นกดนกยกยนก says:

    3:21 😩😬😷😫😥🤔

  11. صششضضضضضش311111ش1ض111111

  12. Who came here because they wanted to see Pewds and KSI pets race

  13. I love both 🐹and hedgehog sorry can't find hedgehog emojes

  14. That was clearly on purpose and you wanted the hamster to lose, not fair.

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