1vs1 TOURNAMENT – Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator gameplay :
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Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is a game where you can create and watch battles between all sorts of creatures such as humans, mammals, dinosaurs… It is a physics-based, sandbox battle simulator game and when units fight each other we can see how arms, legs, neck bending and twisting also bodies flying around when someone hits them.


Big Drumming by Kevin MacLeod

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  1. 10:14 wth man that cool beetle thing won and you advanced the scorpion 😂

  2. Zero chance a Spartan is beating a polar bear lol

  3. These crack me the fuck up lol. That gorilla was beating the fuck out the horse and guy lol

  4. If i ever encounter a gorilla i just need a bat

  5. The dinosaurs here are D tier except for that Pterodactyl.

  6. I love how the animals fight for real use their weapons to kill

  7. Laser elephant is a very interesting stage in evolution

  8. Que hago aquí??
    Debería estar estudiando para un examen

  9. Where are the man to man fights in gameplays?, Its like theirs a lot more animal fights than human fights on YouTube. I only found one video featuring gladiators by pixellated apollo, but that’s pretty much it.

  10. What is the map? Share it on the workshop and send me the link ✌🏻

  11. The Komodo dragon and the skeleton keep spinning around 🤣😂

  12. The spartan warrior beet the guy who 1 shot the anamals

  13. Why are you getting rid of the ones on the wall

  14. my lil brother and me are watching dis rn xD

  15. สไปโนโซรัสตัวใหญ่จัง

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