20+ Best Games Similar to STRAY | MUST PLAY Animal Games | 2023 Edition

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Finished Stray and not sure what to play next? Here’s a list of the best similar games like Stray that will help you out! Which one interested you enough to buy/download it? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. lost ember and extincion forever are the only ones that were even revently close. both awsome games like stray.

  2. Lmao you disrespecting dogs life by not showing any game play

  3. theres no way they are similar…not even close😅

  4. spirit of the north
    my personal fav
    finished it in 3 to 4 hours

  5. Dog’s Life is the reason I want a PS2 again. That was my childhood

  6. Okay these aren't really like stray, but ENDLING is a MUST if you like these type of games. It about a mother fox being the last fox on earth bc of the end of the world. You have to provide for your kits while food supplies and the world slowly goes downhill. Humans are constantly hunting you. The side story with one particular family us especially heart breaking. It's a game you can play over and over to find or learn new things. I HIGHLY recommend it!

  7. Nice video, this is exactly what I was looking for after playing Stray. Thanks!

  8. I’m gunna be honest did you even play stray or just see there was an animal in the game. Very few of these games are similar. I was hoping to find another game yet all I found was a YouTube video that had little effort put into. I’m not trying to be rude, but maybe just title the video “animal games”

  9. this list is shit.
    why should I play a game with shitty graphics for ps2 release 2003? not even available for pc?? (2:23)

  10. For the comments, lost ember is a really fun game like stray! You play as a wolf with a little red floating guide! Good story game, fun mechanics!!

  11. I feel like journey to a savage planet had a similar feel… the exploration, the problem solving, and the indie feel.

  12. There’s no way you think any of these are remotely close

  13. I love games like Gibbon, where you can just mindlessly swing through the brazilian rainforest while exploring different biomes and how humans effect the enviroment.

  14. Okami was the best game ever! I loved playing it, although it took me like a year to finish it. I also played journey, that one was so good

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