4 games, 4 animals, 1 video!

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Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. that shark looks like it's about to get revenge on titans for killing his mom.

  2. aWwWw 🥰 •ㅈ•🦋👉🏻👈🏻🥺🖤

  3. Gizmo was the worst looking dog
    By far hank was the best

  4. Imagine just walking to the parking lot to get in your car and drive back to yer house and suddenly a great white shark with a sword merged to its tail comes barRELING THROUGH THE SKY-

  5. 2018 jack : "I'm more of a Dog Person"

    2019 to 2020 Jack: Owns a cat

  6. "what was my intro again … top of, the bro's to you Markipliers… i don't know"
    WTF lol 😀
    also just a quick question why did Jack paint the shark pink and not green?

  7. as soon as he press the butten it put a add
    me:more like press the butten for a add you dumd head

  8. Who of you people can say "Boerewors" correctly??

  9. Please tell me I'm not who thinks his hair looks animated

  10. Is it just me, or that the first game is uncomfortable. Makes my pointer fingers feel weird.😑

  11. When he found Gizmo it broke and warmed my heart

  12. Idk why but the thumbnail makes jack look like a wholesome little kid

  13. Play more of shark simulator this is badass

  14. I'm kind of impressed, actually really impressed, at how long he took care of that whole house and all those cats without sending his grandson to do anything

  15. Get a real cat and see how much you hate them then.

  16. "I'm more of a dog person"

    And now he has BB and he loves him to death.

  17. I need a break.
    The title: 4 games 1 vid.

  18. damn shark bein' Levi Ackerman and slaughterin' peeps haha.

  19. Fun Shark fact: Sharks get jump as high out of water as they are long… if a shark is 20 feet long it can jump 20 feet in the air. 12:1412:21 so no they can't fly…sadly.
    I know Sean didn't say he didn't like cats. it's funny still when he says i'm more of a dog person(15:49) and now he owns a cat XD

  20. it should be called shark saber

  21. PTPATP (Pet the pup at the party) is a game from the gaming G O D S! And its gold and its amazing, and its beautiful and its perfect and there is NO excuse to not play it

  22. “Top of the bros to ya markipliers” ….. that’s a solid intro.

  23. i just realized that i saw pewdiepie's name in the cat game

  24. Gizmo just reminds me of Sally Face🥲such a good game

  25. Bb would be disappointed he needs all the pets now

  26. you are right actually…your cat will eat you if you die single 0_0

  27. 14:16 the quest says “get 3 police stars” he has 4 why is it not counting

  28. "Something in here is making a GOD awful noise! Oh wait… It's me…" *is disappointed*

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