5 MORE Roblox Animal SURVIVAL Games

MORE of the best ANIMAL SURVIVAL GAMES (in no particular order) on Roblox 2022. Make sure to subscribe to the channel so you see more about Roblox Animal Games!







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⌛ Timestamps ⌛
0:09 – Introduction
0:10 – Game Number 1
0:30 – Game Number 2
1:15 – Game Number 3
1:35 – Game Number 4
2:10 – Game Number 5
3:00 – Outro

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New Day – Patrick Patrikios
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Can’t Be Trusted – Flux Vortex

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  1. I played Be an Alien-Renewal while it was still in Alpha!
    (Not trying to say that I'm better than those who didn't play in the Alpha) I remember that how you picked a creature/alien was different! Aaand then it changed-it looked mostly like it does right now, when I'm writing this comment, I think-but there weren't any descriptions of the creatures/aliens, wich there were in the previous place to pick a creature/alien-also I think that the first place to pick creatures/aliens that I know was more of a menu.

  2. Not me checking this channel every other day to see if the dog game is ready

  3. pls add vine boom sound effect at the endplspls

  4. I'm so glad Wild Savannah is in this one!! It's really impressive for what it is so far


  6. u a furry or something why you got fangs and also your voice is amazing you should start a podcast channel

  7. I wouldn't recommend Dinosaur World Mobile or Holocene. The hit boxes are quite bad and the game itself can be quite buggy to where I personally don't want to play. Dinosaur World needs to be re-balanced badly, I'm not sure if Holocene is properly balanced I just kind of quit Holocene quite fast after seeing some insane hit boxes, they are the same as Dinosaur World.

    You could call me bias but I really dislike games that are this bad and the animations bother me so much, I guess I am picky then again this is a game targeted towards mobile devices and this is Roblox so I can see the game not being the best quality. Sorry for the rant, I just wanted to say something about these games since they frustrate me so much.

    (You should definitely play Wild Savanna and/or Cenozoic Survival, they are well made games that deserve to be recognized.)

  8. i dont get the rule "roleplaying will get you kicked" like huh? its roleplaying?

  9. DWM might be getting abandoned as The_Immortal deleted his discord server and all of his posts, all i hope now that this is not the end ive been playing for 3 years and Dinosaur world mobile well i kinda cried as that game has a special place in my hearth
    Now all i hope that he won't give up.

  10. I’m sorry I can’t play wild savanna it’s only for computers not phones

  11. Theres one called animal simulator and yes its like survival idk know but its a good game that i almost play it evryday!

  12. I love the be an alien! Im a beta Player and there is soo much to play its amazing!💜

  13. There is also a game called creatures of sonaria
    The creatures of sonaria is the mythical land of big variety of creatures
    Hunt, watch, fly, swim, breath fire, frost, toxic or lighting and play from small but little toxic minawii and healer moonelles to realy popular gyrodus, kendyll and hygos to giant sized boreal wardens and lmakosaurodons
    BUY creatures from gachas, for mushrooms or simply dev creatures for robux or simply trade and explorer beautiful sonaria world

  14. I've literally played all of these except for Cenozoic survival cause for some reason it doesn't let me play it

  15. My fav game is wild savanan i love this game

  16. You should do a version with Creatures Of Sonaria! It's an amazing creature survival game that's also on the fantasy side!

  17. It's a shame you can't play Wild Savannah (W.I.P) on a Chromebook, i'm guessing it's because Roblox is from the app store so it thinks you're playing on Mobile but it's still an amazing game for PC! 🙂

  18. Be an alien is one of my favorite games!

  19. Wild savanna I cant join bc I’m on pad

  20. I recommend dinosaur arcade/dino arcade! its really good and also has the cute blocky look!

  21. Creature of sonaria is much better then evry game u showed in thes vid and its on roblox

  22. i would also reccomend wilf forest,its an 2016 animal game from the wild savannah owner! unlickely as he sai he will only make wild savannah game he abbandoned wild forest like 3 years ago

  23. I tried to play wild savanna but for some reason it’s just a locked game for me… but it’s ok bc I can just play something else

  24. I wanna play wild Savanah but it doesn't work on a phone and I don't have a computer

  25. The alien game actually kind of stunk. I got banned a week after joining it because some kid reported me.

  26. I was in beta for wild savanna and wcue but. My account got hacked and Roblox did NOTHING!
    Edit: I checked an account that had friended it, there was no changes in that account. Meaning Roblox changed my password and didn’t let me in despite spending 300+ USD on that account 😊

  27. Who else plays Cenozoic survival everyday??

  28. For the Wild Savanna part, these rules aren't "silly". The kosers and carebears are horrible and just ruin the game and it's obvious that exploiting isn't allowed.

  29. Dino mobile online was pretty good for me

  30. I request creatures of sonaria it’s basically cenozoic survival but a bit different

  31. Another survival game is Yellowstone Unleashed! It’s a game about YellowStone park, and is currently in development. It’s fun to play, and you earn coins by playing to buy more animals to play as! It’s also comparable on mobile, and has very realistic looks to it.

  32. Wild Savannah's map is way too huge. But its a good game!

  33. Are there caracals/floppas in any of the games?

  34. One time I played a survival game called something Yellowstone, I don't really remember. But a horse and a bear teamed up on me!

  35. i been try all them they really cool games!

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