50 TIGERS vs EVERY UNIT – Animal Revolt Battle Simulator

Animal Revolt Battle Simulator gameplay:
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About Animal Revolt Battle Simulator
Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is the first game of its kind where all movements and interactions between animals are fully physics-based. As the creatures fight each other, you can see the limbs bending, necks twisting, bodies flying around and blood splashing everywhere!

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    Whoever reads this comment, know that LORD JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU!

  2. Does anyone else think this is too much fun for what is actually happening

  3. Bruh don't put your voice at the end. The whole video was funny until you started talking all serious. You ruined the fun

  4. 2:53 Watch now as a fearless T-Rex is surrounded by nature's most ferocious force, a hive of tiger bees.

  5. Qual o nome desse jogo para baixar

  6. 먼 호랑이 에 사자 소리가 나
    ᆢ 쿠오 쿠오 쿠오는 사자들이
    무리 집합시킬때 나는 소린데ᆢ
    호랑이는 안내는 소린데ᆢ
    크르르르르 크랑!!! 하는건 호랑이고

  7. this is like those videos in those chinese tiger parks where the truck dumps out the goat and like 20 tigers rip it apart lmao

  8. Damn it. I found these videos last week and I cant stop effin watching them. Ughhh. My first comment after like 20 of em.

  9. Demasiados comerciales, solo por eso a la mierda con tu canal

  10. Hence proved a team can be defeated by another team

  11. Come on now, a T-Rex would have mauled 500 tigers

  12. Why do I keep getting notified about this kind of videos? Am I the only one?
    I don't even know what this game is

  13. I love how even its on 1 vs 10 or any number more than 1, these tigers never afraid 😂

  14. When it got to humans. Was that really a white guy and then a black guy? Lol wtf

  15. These vids are so boring but something forces me keepin watchin em

  16. In this video we learnt how apes cannot work alone😂

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  18. Los simios los hacen demasiado fuertes

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