A totally cute animal game | Fightin’ Herds #1 (Story mode)

duyhung2h – Age of Empires 2
My Them Fightin” Herds playthrough playlist:

This is a casual stream, I’ll put them on a playlist so you could watch all the different games I’m playing there other than AoE 2 on there, other than usual Age of Empires 2 contents 😉

#vtuber #tfh

//////////////// TIMESTAMPS ////////////////
0:00 Intermission
0:01 Start

//////////////// MY TOOLS ////////////////

Aoe 2 Designer Dataset:
Aoe2ScenarioParserTutorial library:

All of my aoe 2 mods:

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Discord server:
Scenario Design community:

Age of Empires 2 design trick playlist:

//////////////// CLOSING ////////////////
If you have any problem understanding my accent, you can enable closed caption by clicking on the CC button on the bottom right of the video player.

Thanks for watching my video!

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