Alba: A Wildlife Adventure (Full playthrough) | Wholesome Animal Game

This game will surprise you. It’s simplistic search and collect mechanic hangs over a wholesome story that will move most. Come with me on this full adventure, start to finish, from my live stream. Relaxing and perfectly paced, follow Alba on her holiday to visit her grandparents, a young girl that is passionate about nature! Take photos with your phone, collect the islands wildlife and then save it as you start a petition to save the nature reserve!

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What to watch next:

0:00 Intro
0:40 Prologue
3:59 Cute photo
5:52 Alba: A wildlife adventure


  1. It always surprises me how many games there are that you get to use all your amazing voices in 😃Loved this

  2. When I briefly saw the thumbnail I thought it was animal Crossing 🤣
    But this is a great game keep up the good work the art style is so cute!

  3. Churros are delicious. I can eat five of those.

  4. Hurray Morph is back!!! Missed your content! Omg that waddle! So cute and so happy to have the AC voices crossover! 💞

  5. I love that you find such great games that we haven’t heard of! Such an adorable game 😍

    I’m sorry though, I couldn’t quite focus on the part where you play as grandpa… must’ve had some sand in my eye or something 🥺

  6. Wow, the graphics are amazing and it’s definitely an underrated game

  7. Hee hee…little bird at the start was a sandpiper. So does this mean Willow & Hippeux are a couple? LOL

  8. I laughed at Great tit. That was funny

  9. You know Morph, you made this game more wholesome with your voiceover on many of the characters! This was such a informative, cute and fun game! Thank you for sharing. ♥

  10. I love how Grandma sounds like Winnie the Pooh

  11. 28:57 damn it man you make me laugh so much, this is so funny hahaha the old man voice this slapss, this is a bop this is! great video

  12. (25:30) Is there any apps IRL like this? Like Pokemon GO, but with real animals. I’d love to have it on my phone!

  13. I feel the same about risotto! I rather have paella 🥘

  14. You sound exactly like penny wise from it when you do the old grandma voice 😂

  15. The Hoopoe says "That's the sound o the police~"

  16. What an adorable game!! I love how it focuses on protecting wild life 🥹

  17. The ad-libs cracked me up! Such a cute game.

  18. Lol the voice of the lil friend.🤩(LSP)💜
    Lumpy Space Princess .

  19. Nowdays gamers on yt rarely make me laugh but you always make me laugh. Please never stop gaming xD

  20. Danggit. I came in to watch a sweet wholesome game and did not expect to almost ugly cry.

  21. 00:46
    I believe it's a White Wagtail, when you see one it means that summer is on it's way
    Where I am from we have a saying;
    “A month 'til summer from a lark, half a month from a finch, 
    a while from the wagtail, from the swallow not a day”

    Edit: I looked it up and the scientific name of it is Motacilla Alba, could just be a coincidence or maybe not

  22. I love betty boop got her wallets and more

  23. I literally love your vids sm. and like the different voices you make are so interesting every time, quite talented!.also this game is so beautiful

  24. Hi erm your videos make me feel safe and ground me back from an anxiety spell. Thank you !!! <3

  25. You should definitely do another playthrough and try to scan all the animals on the island! This game was so cute!

  26. As a bird lover I adored this game. It's funny cos I would be reacting to hearing and seeing birds like I would in real life. The real bird sounds meant that I would usually hear and identify a bird before I saw it. It was weirdly similar to real life birdwatching.

  27. I found your channel because of Cult of the Lamb, but this adorable playthrough as Alba made me subscribe

  28. Oh no way. I could never handle Ren and Stimpy. Way too gross and cruel

  29. I love the old man! Let him vibe. He doesn't need a carer 😂

  30. I love this game I've watched so many times thank you

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