Animal Crossing New Horizons – 9 UPDATES & CHANGES in June 2023 (New Activities)

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June 2023 is finally upon us, so let’s take a look at the latest Updates & Changes happening to your island this month! From new items to collect, to exciting seasonal changes and major events, I’ll be going over everything you need to know.

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► Chapters
0:00 – ACNH June Updates
0:24 – ACNH Wedding Season
1:16 – ACNH Bug Off
1:57 – ACNH New Items
3:38 – ACNH Shop Changes
4:10 – ACNH Scenery Changes
4:29 – ACNH Bush Changes
5:15 – ACNH Summer Shells
5:38 – ACNH Snowflakes
6:10 – ACNH New Critters

Thanks for watching this video. I’m Crossing Channel and I create Animal Crossing content including guides, news, tips and tricks, island ideas, update videos and much more on the series. In my videos, I’ll be going over all you need to know about ACNH and the other games too! Leave a comment to let me know your thoughts on this video and check out the links above for even more from me.

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  1. Sorry if some of the edit for this is a bit wonky, I lost the entire video and couldn’t recover so I had to salvage what I could. Appreciate you all!

  2. I’m not a fan of New Horizons’ Bug Off. The one in new leaf is so much more enjoyable

  3. excited for June in acnh!!! us members of Bob's gang love your vids and how you inform us!!

  4. I love when animal crossing gets updates even if the updates might be small but i love it

  5. Yep made it to the end ! You always give the bear AC info!!! 🎉

  6. Can't help but feel disappointed that the game has been basically abandoned by Nintendo. There was/is so much potential for this game…..

  7. Manifique vidéo j'adore c'est pas grave t'a vidéo est très manifique t'on 🏝️ est très manifique je suis française ho Raymond il est trop gentil sur mon 🏝️merci beaucoup pour cette magnifique vidéo et cette magnifique île 🏝️😊😊😊😊😊,👍 youtubeur génial merci 😊😊😊😊 Jenna

  8. All the summer items are so cute thank god I already got them (time travel)

  9. How is the firefly both leaving and arriving in June what is this

  10. "you've probably played a lot of bug offs"
    -me whose missed almost every bug off for 3 years now (usually due to work or some other event irl going on I was attending)

  11. i love shark season. i now have the collectors edition of the guidebook too.

  12. Bob’s gang – I always watch your updates and enjoy them so thank you for doing them. I don’t always comment because I watch them on my smart tv, which I can’t comment on. So even though I am silent I always watch your posts and sorry sometimes I forget to like but that’s because I am an old codger and I forget 😅😅😅😅

  13. I just started playing 30 days ago, so I'm hyped for this. I don't personally time travel, coz I have a tendency to slack off and be lazy.

  14. **tee-luh-pee-uh** 😭(this is a playful jab 🙂 )

  15. I really appreciate when you make these monthly videos to let us know about the new content coming because it's nice to have a refresher 🥰

  16. I might actually play again but R.I.P. to time traveling since it will mess up my dreamlight valley game

  17. yk I kinda prefer that new horizons isn't a main topic in gaming nowdays.
    Keeps away a lot of drama

  18. I am so looking forward to winter on my southern island…first time !😊

  19. Something i wish acnh had was an smoother way of getting furniture. With the DLC, you can order mist furniture items, but its only 5 a day which can be so amnoying, and crafting recipies are just purely up to luck. I just hope in the next game this is improved

  20. Videos like this make me cozy and wanna start playing again and inviting players to my island possibly making new friends and cooking for eachother :"3

  21. I got two switches. One with the southern hemisphere and one with the northern one. So I can just use my friend's island as a bridge to buy stuff for myself

  22. I've been watching your channel for a while now and i am so grateful for these videos you put out!! It's always nice to stay in the loop because recently ive been playing quite a lot again. So, thank you. Thank you for your time and editing and for letting us know all the new happenings. You can tell the dedication in doing this for us. So thank you ☺️

    Side note, i love ur accent. I know thats probably weird to say lmaoo.

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