Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Full Game Walkthrough

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Walkthrough with No Commentary Switch Gameplay. This playthrough includes all main tasks and ends when I reach the credits.

00:00:00 – Beginning/Intro
00:22:34 – 19. March – Day 1
01:26:31 – 20. March – Day 2
02:32:18 – 21. March – Day 3
03:29:48 – 22. March – Day 4
04:29:36 – 23. March – Day 5
05:38:39 – 24. March – Day 6
06:47:53 – 25. March – Day 7
08:58:45 – 26. March – Day 8
09:58:24 – 27. March – Day 9
10:35:55 – 28. March – Day 10
11:23:56 – 29. March – Day 11
12:11:14 – 30. March – Day 12
12:55:41 – 31. March – Day 13
13:41:40 – 01. April – Day 14
14:48:12 – 02. April – Day 15
15:06:18 – 03. April – Day 16
15:21:19 – 04. April – Day 17
15:39:08 – 05. April – Day 18
15:56:44 – 06. April – Day 19 Ending

►Game Information:
▪ Title: Animal Crossing – New Horizons
▪ Developer: Nintendo
▪ Publisher: Nintendo
▪ Platform: Switch
▪ Genre: Social simulation

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  1. Coffee shop?? Where is it? It's either I wasn't paying attention and I was being a doof, or no coffee shop??

  2. Can we call that an speedrun? He just longplayed it in less than a day,and the game syncs with real time


  4. Animal crossing is a walktrought too? Bruh!

  5. Thank you BeardBear I love animal crossing!

  6. I hope that when nintendo does another system animal crossing will be one of their launch titles love the series.

  7. The villagers got turned into meat in tears of the kingdom 😢

  8. Not only I learnt how to finish the game I also learnt how to make peach trees

  9. What button foes he tap to make the items he crafts like, shovel axe, etc open?

  10. I know i shouldn't question god's handwork with this game,but i've been wondering…

    Why are we the only human in this game's whole series?
    Everyone else is an bipedal walking and talking animal,and we are acting like it's normal?

    Actually y'know what? Scratch what i was saying,i was gonna go full "game theory" mode,but naaah,why would i do that on a game that's 100% cozyness?

  11. The fact I actually watched this for 16 hours is just because I was on an 16 hour road trip

  12. Finally someone with the same layout as me W video

  13. Why do you dig the holes next to the rocks when you hit them with your shovel?

  14. I have something to watch while playing, and I learn some stuff too! Tysm! 😊

  15. i feel bad bc he gets no sleep after making this video

  16. Went through a major depression/suicidal phase due to some potential health problems, for damn near 3 months… this game, while I suffered as I played, gave me the strength to keep going, even if it was just a little bit at a time.

  17. One tip, at the start you can put all the tents on the beach,it gives you more time to decorate your island, but amazing super movie!

  18. I really don't like this game I don't get how this sold outsold the population of my home place California and when i played the game I walked around and the game did not tell me what to do i got bored after doing nothing and i never touched this game ever Again.

  19. I had to skip the Getaway Package Part in the video 😅

  20. You got Roald as a starting villager?? He is my favourite! It took me 500 hours to get him on my island 😛 lucky!!

  21. During quarantine this was perfect to come out because we were stuck inside without any wildlife or fresh air and this game game out, where your on a deserted island, outside, with fish to catch, bugs to catch, and fossils to find, while creating your own world on a deserted island with cute talking animals, and no masks and endless possibilities. 😍❤️🏡🔛🔝

  22. You should do a part 2 of animal crossing new horizons 😊

  23. Maybe you've noticed that I stopped uploading my playthrough parts. People didn't watch it. For everyone who watched my playthrough I kept playing to upload a complete video. Walkthrough ends when I finish all main tasks and reach the credits. I would really appreciate it if you would consider to like the video. Thank you! 🙂

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