Animal Fights in video games #planetzoo #jurassicworldevolution2 #farcry5



  1. I did not know the animals in Planet Zoo could fight 💀

  2. Assassins creed origins had AMAZING 🤩 animal combat

  3. I honestly think that far cry animal fights are more crazy because you got wolves ripping apart other animals throats, tigers beating the living shit out of each other, bison sending cougars to the atmosphere, and smilodons wrestling with cave bears

  4. True, but you have to remember, planet zoo is aimed more towards younger kids, so its not gonna be as gruesome as Jurassic or far cry.

  5. Just because planet zoo is slightly more realistic doesn't mean it's bad. Also the dinos in JWE circle each other most of the fight.

  6. I mean yeah planets zoo fighting is a little cheesy but it is made for kids

  7. Can someone import FC4 animal fighting.animations into planet zoo?

  8. Nah you did say capybaras fight? I thought they were the chillest animals?

  9. Monster Hunter (Turf wars): I don't exist

    not real life animals but still

  10. Sometimes i wonder how these man make so many good things and it all looks so real

  11. That yeti punching the dinosaur down was personal 💀

  12. It’s all fun and games until
    The Monster hunter games step in

  13. As someone who doesn't play far cry and plays jwe2 and loves planet zoo i see this as a win

  14. Fax and fire jwe2 has so good combat. They even made an update for spino where it breaks the neck of large Dino’s like from jp3

  15. People who think there all have good fights

  16. JWE2 has its death animation glitch when u add mods

  17. In my opinion, planet zoo is just a copy of jwe2, animals most likely fight the same like the dinos (just like jwe then dinos start fighting becouse they just through the sides) and also like ome of the coments said, most of the animals in zoo planet hoes after the kids, but moet of the times im jwe2 then i play, dinosaurs barely eat anyone and they just stomp. On humans

  18. Planet zpo is realistic with their fights sp it isn't gonna be awspme bro

  19. JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION 2 is Actually Goated

  20. Planet zoo isn’t intended to be a fighting game lol

  21. Planet zoo is one of the best games of all time

  22. Wolves were to get killed by a cougar actually

  23. Hey Pawsbuild! This zoo is going so well, I’m really excited for (hopefully) the platypus, I think the exhibits would go nicely with each-other! I have a name suggestion of Watermelon, Tiki, and Coconut for some Little Penguins. ❤❤❤

  24. Animal revolt battle simulator: sup guys!

  25. Bro Planet Zoo is a game for 6 year old kids and Far Cry i think for 16 year old and Dinosaurs???? I think you know what i mean…

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