Animal Games of 2017 and Beyond

Creature Features
Home Free –
The First Tree –
Lost Ember –
Wild –
Isle of Eventide –
Cereal Soup –


  1. Can I play these game on my Galaxy S8+?

  2. I guess the Wolf and Wildcraft are amazing games!!!!!

  3. only if you could download home free-

  4. I can’t find any of these sad life hehehe 2019 someone

  5. i just plaid the first tree and i almost cry'd at the ending

  6. If you were doing all yhe games out in 2017 you missed a lot. What about WIldcratt?!

  7. I'm looking for lost ember and the first tree

  8. I kinda would like to try to play The First Tree and Lost Ember. They look so interesting. 😀

  9. Cereal soup is just downloading for me! I cant wait to try it out!

  10. If I see lost ember in the thumbnail

    I simply click ^^

  11. Pls tell me is the first tree for computer or laptop but not mobile

  12. Hey bro you missed wild savannah pc online 👍👍👍👍

  13. Lost Ember is being released tomorrow, I would've never found it if i hadn't seen this video thank you!

  14. Lost ember came out and I finish the game dude every time I found a new animal to be I’m LIKE DAD LOOK

  15. Idiot thanks a lot for getting my hopes up, that dog one is not available

  16. Are there good animal games for mobile?
    I tried searching all of this and I found games "related" to these, but not the game I’m looking for

  17. Can u tell me witch ones are for ps4

  18. Spirit of the north is one of my favorites I'm an rpg and animal games lover I beat lost ember in about 2 hours but its still nice to come back to and play,what I think a lot of games should do instead of coming up with a number 2 or 3 or so on series of the game just keep updating the game and adding more to it to keep the players coming back, add more maps or more skins add more Easter eggs to find, I am not saying another series to the game want be amazing but there might still be some life left to the current game and besides it will give game makes more time to work on the next generation games.

  19. How many music did you edited in this video? (What kind of music are they?)

  20. Oh my God!
    These are ALL Computer Games!
    No iOS!? Pathetic
    God this Sucks

  21. I played lost ember and I cried about the ending

  22. Cereal Soup, I've heard of it before, when I was younger I heard of this game like, 5 or so years ago I tried to play it but I had no clue on how to get it. Now that I have steam, I can finally play my dream game that I wanted to get for so long, thank you for making me remember this great game Creature Features!

  23. It's been 3 years since I watched this top 10 list, and still haven't played none of these games lel..
    Definitely subbed.
    I don't even know why I haven't subbed earlier but anyways,
    Amazing and unique top 10 animal games that didn't get much recognition.

  24. To me this was a waste of time watching this

  25. I was about to subscribe until I realized I already have-

  26. I've played the first tree, it's so fun I've played it 7 times already and I still find it super fun, kinda sad tho

  27. Is home free for mobile bc I can’t find it

  28. hey this isnt the video with stray in im pretty sure, but i found that game through one of these videos. yet another game introduced to me by these vids, im playing it rn 🙂

  29. Too bad that home free didn't come out yet but I hope it does come out someday

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