Animal Rights Protester Storms the Court During Timberwolves Game

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This animal rights activist ran onto the court during a Timberwolves game to reportedly protest animal cruelty at a chicken farm owned by Glen Taylor, the owner of the NBA team
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  1. I'm still eating this delicious dog and cat meat no matter how many activists in the world

  2. Lol if they think ruining a basketball game will help there cause they are dead wrong , matter of fact iima go get me some fried chicken right now

  3. Hey, Protestors! Get a clue! You're not the heroes anymore! You're eyesores!

    I wish someone would send these people an 8 piece bucket. Fully seasoned. Just to send a message.

  4. What ya gotta do is rush in, grab a timberwolf, rush out and release it back to the wild where it can be free.

  5. When there's no more animals there's no more "MAN"!

  6. Imagine what they're going to try to do in the NBA finals

  7. They're idiots. Who cares about some stupid chickens

  8. Interrupting a basketball game doesn’t help their cause. They make themselves less likely to be taken seriously. Also what if she wasn’t protesting but rather going to do something that could cause harm to the players and patrons? Good on security.

  9. In other news…a female forgot to take her meds….💊🐴

  10. Who cares. This is such a minor disturbance.

  11. Yo, animal rights people, acting like jerks is not going to get everyone on your side. You might attract a few people, but its going to upset WAY more people than what you bring in. This is part of the reason why everyone besides people in PETA hate PETA.

  12. Two snotty Karens with nothing else to do on a Tuesday night run onto a basketball court to get mad at people eating chicken tendies. Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe!

  13. I agree with this protest, hope they do this to every timberwolf game.

  14. Good. The NBA is China. And China has been torturing and killing little pets, putting them in bags. NBA supports everything China does .

  15. Don’t they know that it’s the sheer terror that the chickens feel that makes them so tasty?

  16. It was over before it even began. Probably needed more people to stage the protest I think. 😅

  17. Let society handle its own and watch the tyranny stop!!

  18. What the…this is the furthest thing from either appropriate or helpful they could have done 🧐

  19. This is what should have happened to that will smith

  20. Yeah people wouldn’t be booing if they saw the disgusting farm that dude owns it’s absolutely sickening the way those animals live. It’s totally unnecessary, it’s just greed and cruelty.

  21. FFS This kind of silly behavior does nothing positive whatsoever. It actually makes folks sour over their message.
    Do better hunnies.

  22. Stop the killings! Glen Taylor is responsible!

  23. Once they stop killing innocent beings in the most gruesome way, we'll stop the disruptions.

  24. Great to see the veganism rising

  25. No matter how much happy these meat eaters are
    They'll regret at the last days of their life on the death bed
    God is watching everything,
    Come on debate with me in the existence of God

  26. Factory farms are disgusting and terrible for human health and consumption. The conditions for workers are horrible and animal cruelty is also rampant. The sad thing is. Their also the most economical and the greenest farming practice we have invented so far. So much less land is being used. If only we had better facilities then maybe it wouldn’t be worth stopping.

  27. It's amazing how white people can get up in arms about animals but think it's okay to treat people of color like absolute trash. ( Spits on white people)

  28. It’s GROSSSS when the crowd claps when they see someone being handled so rough when they are just trying to bring light to animal cruelty!! I get it it can be annoying of course. But without protest we continue to kiss the azz of the ones who slave us and change never comes.
    Maybe we should round up all the audiences pets from home and house them at the chicken farm for a week. See is they still cheer then.
    And btw. I’m not an animal lover. Tbh just there is right and there is wrong.

  29. I saw an interview with this activist on ‘Extra Points’ on YouTube. When the activist described the kill method ‘ventilation shutdown’, i had to find out about it for myself. In this method, the ventilation system of housed chickens is shut down and heat is ratcheted up, even pumping in CO2 gas like she said to kill 5.3 million of them. Its also used on pigs and can take up to 16 hours for them to slowly and finally die. When she compared it to dying in a hot car, I thought about egregious news stories of dogs left in cars during very hot weather.

  30. People act like they have a magical way of putting down millions of chickens with bird flu…let those individuals take in the birds and let them deal with the fact their idiots…I mean they love them so much….

  31. There's a time and a place for protesting but why tf yall gotta do this in a game?

  32. 246 likes for a channel with 1M subs? leftist channels dying

  33. Imagine paying courtside seats to get tackled. How is this a protest? If you want your message heard, maybe don’t be rude and inconsiderate, and have a conversation like a decent human being.

  34. Why did the filmer get arrested m, he wasn’t apart of it

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