Arteezy: It’s Me Against The World and I Have Animals on my TEAM…

Dota Shaman
Artour is playing in his smurf account in his classic babyrages and funny things happening with him again… This game he’s playing as BS and Void and he team was bad in both games…

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Final music: Cutting It Close – DJ Freedem

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  1. I think he's right that's why malding because incompetent teammate, especially someone who picked techies… 😂😂😂

  2. watching u and Thompson, maybe its time to retire 😀

  3. I feel like this is so common for carry players in lobbies like this, there is not such a huge gap between high ranked 1s and 1-2k 1s, they are mechanically better and make better decisions. But when a 2k player is matched against a top100-200 support/3 it's whole different story, especially because usually these 2k players are core players but for their respectable rank. So high ranked core players should queue for 2 hours just to be put in high mmr games or suffer because 80% of their games there will be a carry/mid player playing support because they are 2k rank and there is rank29 and rank 200 who already took cores. Fucked up matchmaking not gonna lie

  4. When was this stream? If recent, is he back streaming?

  5. 6:53 "look at this low iq guy game play"

    7:36 Does exactly like low iq guy did previously

  6. I thought…. He would stream before TI… Seems like it was a weird day

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