Baby Panda Animal Champions – Meet the Animals in the Sky, on Land and in the Sea! | BabyBus Games

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Welcome to the Animal Kingdom. Animals can live in the sky, on land and in the sea. You can find animals in the hottest deserts and the coldest polar regions. Let’s play with them!

Give them animal champion medals for strong warrior, for master of transformation, for master of invisibility and many other medals.

00:00 – GUIDED LEARNING – Animal Champions
03:17 – CAMEL – Ship of the Desert
09:48 – ANT – Little Strong Warrior
15:39 – PENGUIN – Ship of the Antarctic Ocean
21:17 – EAGLE – Overlord of the Sky
27:23 – FROG – Pond Singer
33:25 – OSTRICH – Giant of Birds
39:23 – CHAMELEON – Forest Disguiser

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