Bad Animal Game Idea (It Isn’t Spore I Swear)

Jonny RaZeR
Bad Animal Game Idea (It Isn’t Spore I Swear)
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  1. so its like that one youtuber that makes earth history into a video game style thing

  2. Spore but with a fps twist at the end of the game

  3. Not it looking like I had a hair on my screen

  4. Spore + that gray blob game + cod

  5. The Waffle House have Found it's new Host

  6. I like how he says it's a "Bad Idea", but in reality, it's a "Great Idea"

  7. man described an in holy fusion between spore tasty planet and an fps

  8. I know it says it's not Spore But it really sounds like it Especially with gaining technology Limbs Just like the game😂😂😂

  9. I whould stop playing when i get to the fps😂

  10. Spore has RTS screamer in Tribe stage. But now it's a FPS screamer and Civilization stage is Call of duty

  11. Talking about spore 2 without even knowing about it, but I think it was an RPG where it takes after sport ones events of one of the species, going into the black hole and discovering an evil race that was sealed inside the dimension. Now, the character that you created in spore one will be carried over to spore 2 and help to defeat, the evil race of aliens however you start on the outer edge of the universe, and have to make your way back to the core of the universe entering the black hole with the main protagonist from spore one you and your enemy will be trapped on the other side of the black hole, but the rest of the universe will be saved. That was spore 2 sad that It got shit canned would have made good money. Also, that’s just what I have heard about sport 2.

  12. Carrion, spore and fps games all combined into 1 i love it

  13. Are you trying to say spore is has a bad game idea overall? Then you are heavily mistaken, Spore is a masterpiece.

  14. So it's NOT Spore… It's Spore, but replace Civilization Stage with Call of Duty

  15. Call of Duty+Spore:
    Call of Woagh wooaagh, woagh woagh!
    Woagh wooaagh.

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