Bad News For Animal Crossing Online Services In 2023

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Nintendo shared a very concerning warning just a few days ago which is bad news for online service closures that would affect several Animal Crossing titles. Let’s see what happened!

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  1. Would this not cause the game to
    Not work? You need online service don’t you ?

  2. I never got to play previous Animal Crossing games, I'm kinda sad still for the community who still plays those games

    Bob's GANG!

  3. WART JR!!! i absolutely adore wart jr. gotta be my favorite frog

  4. Already?? They really don't care about this game and its players at all.

  5. How do I get online services on the 3DS? I could never figure that out

  6. It will be very upsetting if Nintendo shuts down online for 3ds and Wii U games expecially Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I play New Leaf and its one of my favourite 3DS games, and I don't want Nintendo to permanently turn off online for the game.

  7. Hey, Hi Ben
    & b
    Bob's Gang

  8. Tonight's the 1st Sunday night of
    Fireworks 🎆 🎇
    Isabelle & Redd are at the Plaza

  9. It’s not like a lot of us play animal crossing anymore busy life and other games to play and it definitely died down

  10. We would still be able to play local if you have 2 devices yourself or if a friend is at your house. For example my roommate and I visit each other’s towns without needing WiFi or I can visit one of my other towns on one of my other DS’s without WiFi. I’m thankful that I bought mine when I did.

  11. Yes I would be disappointed if Nintendo turned off online for 3ds. Bob’s gang!

  12. I thought that you were talking about Pocket Camp, when I first saw the title. But it's worst, the online services for the main games.

  13. Me, who never had online services and never really wanted to : 🍷🗿

  14. Very sad for new leaf.
    Unlike new horizons. New leafs online was really fun. Lots to do

  15. I’m fine with Horizons, as barely anybody plays online with me anymore, but if it gets shut down, I’ll migrate to Pretendo online, which is what everyone should do.

  16. Bob's gang!
    Why did Nintendo give up on ACNH so quickly? Do you think they're going to end up offering additional DLC on the new system? Are they already midway through the next AC game? It doesn't make sense to me for them to just drop the game so quickly after it was such a huge success and the fact that many people still play. Seems abrupt

  17. I think it's fairly unlikely that Animal Crossing New Leaf will have its online permanently disconnected, as the only reason MK8 and Splatoon were taken offline was because they're games where every match you connect to 8 or 12 random players, who could then take control of your Wii U remotely. For Animal Crossing you can't have random people enter your town, only people on your friends list and people directly next to you over wireless play can visit your town.

  18. Bob gang xx. I've got a Nintendo ds, game cube. I was so upset I bought the GameCube I was told they were going to register donkey Kong where you ride the animal.
    I go out and buy the GameCube then a week later Nintendo told everyone that

  19. Bob gang xx. I've got a Nintendo ds, game cube. I was so upset I bought the GameCube I was told they were going to register Donkey Kong where you ride the animal.
    I go out and buy the GameCube then a week later Nintendo told everyone that they decided not to add it to the GameCube. I loved the supermarket Sunshine's awesome game. The dts I've got have Yu-Gi-O on it. Showed me how to play the game . Iim

  20. I don't see the point to playing AC online, you only can visit other islands via the dream world and thats it. I never had friends to go to their islands/towns so I never saw the point to it

  21. Bob's gang! I'll be absolutely SPEWING if they shut down online for 3DS games. I still play ACNH and Fantasy Life with my friends who live too far away from me to play wireless!

  22. One thing to consider with Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS online servers is that they are distinctly different from the DS and Wii servers. Those servers were run by another company, with Nintendo paying to keep them up and running. And while they obviously need to pay to keep any of their servers running, their 3DS, Wii U, and Switch online servers are run by Nintendo themselves. I honestly think they're at much less risk of being shut down any time soon. Maybe eventually, but I'd be genuinely surprised if they were shut down in the next 3-4 years. It's a bit different too from the E-shop servers that they had for those.

  23. For a game that is STILL NO. 2 SOLD FOR NINTENDO SWITCH, they will not update ACNH. If they shut down THIS for ACNH, shut down for every Nintendo game they advertise. Let's see how sales will go, without online services.

  24. New Leaf is peak gaming shutting down its online would be a terrible event in gaming history

  25. I knew this was going to happen once we heard about the EShop shutting down 😞 but it still breaks my heart.

  26. I sadly have no 3ds or new leaf. I wish I know where to get one or even bought one when I known about them when I was younger.😭😭😭

  27. Why does new leaf scare me with the graphics 😭

  28. It's bad news for me, and as everyone said, I would also be sad if the online services were shut down completely, It looked like they don't care anymore about the game anymore. Is there something we can do to stop it or not?

  29. It’s a matter of when, not if, this happens unfortunately. I personally think this is inevitable and as such I know I gotta play my 3DS games with online features before they’re gone for good. It won’t just be ACNL for me, but also Gens VI-VII of Pokémon. Goodbye, Global Trade System….

  30. I still play this game alllll the time. Why are they constantly trying to kill this game??

  31. I'm too worry because I'm very sure someone is making a hacking software that will bring back the online function.

  32. Why don't nintendo put new leaf on the switch 🎉🎉

  33. There’s a zero percent chance ACNH will be shut down any time soon.

  34. Bob’s Gang ~ I don’t have a 3ds or WiiU anymore but I still think they should keep the online services. People still play those games and it’s a slap in the face to fans to just shut it down. I was so disappointed when they decided to shut down the e-shop on the 3ds. For some people, that’s the only system they have. Idk, it seems Nintendo is getting more and more greedy as the years go by.

  35. It would be honestly very upsetting to me because I just got a switch a couple months ago and I play acnh and I just got Mario kart not that long ago lol

  36. I'm actually hoping that they might have a new animal crossing game in the works. Rumors of a possible new Nintendo Switch, so…

  37. Im REALLY Hoping for a lizard update where you can catch lizards, snakes, and frogs

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