BEST Animal Crossing games in order…

🎮 Hey, Swizzlecakes! Thanks so much for tuning in! Today, Max will be ranking the best Animal Crossing games in order! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the short! 🎮

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  1. I would agree with new leaf but the only reason i like new horizons better is because its still alive. Don't get me wrong new leaf was awesome but theres no people to share your island with because the 3ds is dead 🙁

  2. Mine would be:
    PG (never played so I can’t rank it)
    WW (fun mechanics, but I found it so hard to control and this kinda ruined the experience)
    CF (this is like Wild World but better in nearly every way)
    NH (probably the best QoL and super fun to decorate in, but feels soulless and repetitive)
    NL (this is AC done right. Will probably be my favourite for years to come, as it has the best balance of any game)

  3. Well what the two other games; about Ami… We dO NOt sPeAK of tHOse GAmeS

  4. I love New Leaf, I haven’t touched NH in about two years (I’m sorry villagers) but I just revisited NL earlier today, so much charm on such a small console ❤️

  5. I agree with this.
    New Horizons I felt like it was trying to hard to be the best, but then forgot things other games did better. Like
    Progression, new leaf nailed this it had silver and gold tools and multiple upgrades and random projects and side activities that have thir own progression in them and for the shops and side activities some were even fun to get. When I'm new Horizons I felt I had my house and shop upgrades.
    Creativity, in new Horizons they let you do so much that it felt over welming and made you feel like you need to make a master town. When in New leaf the limitations added a fun element to the game.
    There is also quite a few more but I think new leaf is better than Horizons.

  6. Hey you know that animal crossing actually started on the N64 in japan

  7. You forgot the amibo fest and happy h- SHUT UP HAPPY HOME IS DLC AND AMIBO FEST IS A SPIN OFF

  8. And amiibo festival you forgot about the best

  9. Not me thinking there was only 2 animal crossing games💀💀💀

  10. Anyways that's all the time o have, i need to go back to play animals crossing new leaf on me Nintendo 3ds

  11. New horizons was my first animal crossing game. Only been playing for like 2 months or so but liking it so far. My cousin loved the GameCube version.

  12. I love New Leaf, it's my favorite, with the spin-off Happy Home Designer a close second

  13. My favorite has to be Wild World, partly for the nostalgia but I still play my ACWW file every day

  14. Is it only me or do i still play new leaf

  15. You actually forgot the Nintendo 64 version

  16. sooooo why did you not put amibo fest on bottom

  17. I don’t really get how Wild World is so far apart from City Folk. City Folk is the only AC game that doesn’t feel like a true sequel, it’s basically Wild World Deluxe.

  18. My list goes from worst to best

    Animal crossing clock
    Amiibo festival
    Pocket camp
    Wild world
    City folk
    Happy home designer
    Population growing
    New horizons 1.0
    New leaf 1.0
    New horizons 2.0
    And obviously the best is still New Leaf 2.0

  19. I think I would be all I'm order but new leaf and new horizons are ried

  20. I don't understand the hype of animal crossing, I mean like it's boring

  21. Me looking at this: I guess amiibo festival and happy home designer were so bad that he didn’t even count them

  22. Bro you putting city folk that high might just be your nostalgia getting the better of you ngl…

  23. You forgot amiibo fest,one of the best and happy home

  24. I know people are already saying you forgot games but you actually did forget a main line animal crossing game people are mostly saying you forgot happy home designer and Amiibo festival but you did forget animal crossing 64 a.k.a. animal forest

  25. Really!?! The first game is one of my favorites

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