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Become an African giraffe and enjoy the life of wild giraffe!

Wild Giraffe Family Life Jungle Simulator is unique wildlife family game where you can survive in the savanna forest with your clan and face different types of difficulties like beware from the hunter who is trying to hunt your family in the dark jungle. Drink water and eat food to maintain your health as well as wealth for survival.

RPG style animal family game with a mixture of action in the dark jungle. Find your mate in the desert side and save her from the angry wolf with the help of your powerful head horn attack while playing this giraffe family life jungle 2019. Raise your African giraffe breed and teach your baby how to survive in the deadly jungle alone while playing angry giraffe savanna jungle sim.

A wild forest is filled with deadly traps, perilous pillagers, and yummy critters in wild giraffe cheetah speed simulator. In this wild family, the giraffe uses its furious speed to latch preys and use the hunting skills. Start your day and family for your support to survive.

Key Features:

• Become wild giraffe and survive in the dark jungle
• Choose your favorite giraffe and solve the savannah jungle quest
• Explore the territory of Africa with your giraffe family
• Highly engaging virtual animal games based gameplay

Jungle Giraffe Family Life 2019 forest sim is specially designed for animal family simulation game lovers and jungle survivor gameplay fans. Feed your family and rescue them from the jungle king lion, angry tiger as well as the giant elephant in the savannah forest. Your wild giraffe is on an adventure in African wild nature. Lots of small animals need your help to survive in the forest.

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