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Looking for Best Animal Games on Steam to Buy? Come Here, I Have Gathered a List of 10 Best Animal Games on Steam in 2020, Including Only Top Animal Games of Different Genres, Such As Animal Simulators, Animal Breeding, Cute Animals, Play as Animals, and Other Good Animal Games That You Can Play on Steam Right Now.

Here You Can Buy These Best Animal Games on Steam at the Cheapest Price:

1. Planet Zoo (Link – $27.89 | Steam – $44.99) –

2. Wingspan (Link – $13.79 | Steam – $39.99) –

3. theHunter: Call of the Wild (Link – $11.97 | Steam – $19.99) –

4. Goat Simulator (Link – $2.09 | Steam – $9.99) –

5. A Short Hike (Link – $3.80 | Steam – $7.99) –

6. Feather (Link – $1.73 | Steam – $9.99) –

7. Super Animal Royale (Link – $7.99 | Steam – $12.99) –

8. Purrfect Date (Link – $2.20 | Steam – $9.99) –

9. Shelter 2 (Link – $1.63 | Steam – $14.99) –

10. Niche – a genetics survival game (Link – $1.69 | Steam – $17.99) –

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  1. Some of my personal favorites: (I am aware some of these were listed)1. Planet ZooA zoo simulation where you are given a large variety of animals to keep and maintain within your very own zoo! You are given many items for even the finest of details, and the amount of constructive freedom this game gives you is unmatched. Not to mention, all of the animals are extremely realistic and I love observing them within their very own habitats i created and customized just for them.2. WolfQuest Anniversary EditionA survival game where you need to take care of and feed your pups. You need to make sure each pup comes out alive until they can take care of themselves, and it is no easy task. You must find food and protect your pups from predators such as bears, stranger wolves, cougars, and eagles, all while maintaining your own needs. You will have to mark your territory, choose the perfect den, and keep your pups’ affinity high. You can get litters from 4 to 7 pups!3. ShelterI have not personally played this game, but it looks to be something similar to WolfQuest, where you’re playing a badger mom and you need to take care of your children.4. Shelter 2You play as a mother lynx, taking care of your children, battling the elements, and providing food for your kittens.5. Paws: Shelter 2Shelter 2, but where you play as a Lynx kitten! You are taken from your mother, and you need to go through a journey to reunite with her! You seem to find some unlikely companions along the way.6. Lost EmberPlay as a wolf, journeying through beautiful landscapes, but there’s a twist. You can switch to different animals! In order to further move through the game. you will need to switch to a diverse selection of all kinds of animals! You unlock story along the way.7. The IsleA challenging ecosystem full of things that want to eat you. It’s up to you to make sure your dinosaur grows to adult. Whether you’re a carnivore or a herbivore, a friend or a foe, social or solitary, it’s up to you! 8. Ancestors: The Humankind OdysseyBasically you’re a monkey, and you’re trying to evolve quicker than your ancestors did. This game doesn’t hold your hand, and you need to learn everything from scratch. “Should I eat this mushroom I found under this rock?” Food poisoning! “What happens if I intimidate this carnivorous large cat?” Mauled in more ways than one! Unlock skills with each generation, and learn how to survive.

  2. Wow you put shelter 2 in! My second favorite game ❤️

  3. I bought planet zoo, and it was only for windows and not MacBook so now I wasted 50$ 🙁

  4. nice video but miss wildcraft im looking ON THE FULL YOUTUBE NO WILDCRAFT

  5. Goat simulator has the same like trailer like a zombie game i can't remember

  6. "Best animal games on Steam" 3rd game in the list… "KILL ALL THE ANIMALS" …

  7. I’m just watching this for how good the quality isss, it looks like a movie. I would love to get these but I’m not allowed-

  8. I’m really surprised not to see WolfQuest Anniversary Edition in this compilation because it’s truly one of the best animal simulator on steam!

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