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Best Dino Games & Animal Games
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Furious Komodo dragon Simulator . The giant lizard simulator is here!
Live a life of a Komodo dragon in this ultimate Komodo dragon giant lizard simulator. Play as a giant aggressive reptile – deadly Komodo dragon and feel like you are the largest lizard in the world. Forget about dino hunting with gorilla city rampage games. Gorilla rampage with dinosaur hunting adventure will be added soon. Be the most fearless predator vicious Komodo dragon and a wild Komodo dragon beast in dinosaur hunter games. As a wild Komodo dragon lizard 3D simulator, it’s time to use your smartness, stealth and animal hunting power vigilantly to survive in rainforests and stalk out your prey in lizard simulator games and wilder animal hunter simulator with best of gorilla city attack.

Crawl yourself in the forest to chase and feed on herbivores, fight against other predators and to have fun with Furious Komodo Dragon Simulator. Giant furious lizard simulator is the Komodo dragon Simulator game in the category of Komodo dragon games having the touch of animal hunting. Keep calm because you are a mighty dragon in this wild forest prey chase game and whenever you are hungry you have to feed yourself. Deer hunting, wolf, or tiger stands against the dangerous mighty dragon in dinosaur hunting games. Attack and take revenge on wild animals to teach a lesson to human hunters as well just like angry gorilla attack. As komodo dragon you have to strike and attack silently with your lethal venom to paralyze your prey for a moment and later kill with deadly toxic bite.

This gigantic lizard aka Komodo dragon always can bravery fight and show the Komodo dragon attacks and hunting skills on every target and other reptiles. Vicious Komodo dragon can smell or threat an unknown presence then they might awfully dangerous.

Features of Komodo Dragon Simulator Game

– Realistic safari environment and amazing 3d graphics.
– Brutal battle and deadly fights in Komodo dragon war and dinosaur rampage game.
– Dragon fighting games with vibrant gameplay in gorilla city attack.
– Super animal simulator with dragon simulator Rampage.
– HD graphics and smooth gameplay with easy controls.

To sum up war and battle of survival in the fiercest safari environment and kill giant crocodile, goat, sheep, dog and also attack on human for survival try out our Komodo dragon simulator, the ultimate war and extreme battle of dragon fighting games. If you are fond of dino hunting with gorilla animal hunter skills then this komodo dragon game has fun for you.

We love to hear what you think about us. Komodo Dragon Simulator Game will be updated regularly with your suggestions. Don’t forget to leave a review with your feedback.

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