Can this even be called a game??? – Animal Soccer World

This really is one of the most games of all time

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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

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  1. 5:16 OH MY GOD That is the song YTV used in the early morning brodcast when they showed the art that people sent in! Man, what a blast from the past.

  2. I gotta say…the immediate pause of both Arin and Dan when a character says something in really stupid broken English is the best part! They say a picture speaks for a thousand words, but a bad game speaks for you.

  3. I will never ever get tired of people's first reactions to this studio's games.

  4. The fact that they think it was only one guy that made this makes this even funnier

  5. what the damn hell is this?!… damn you wabuu!!!!!!!

  6. this is a classic almost animated film like the almost movie the room., birddemic or plan nine from outer space. welcome to the horrifying nightmare world of golden films bevenfield and goodtimes animation…

    :V we have such sights to show you….

  7. People may make fun of the animation and voice acting, but it does explain the events of the Lone Digger music video.

  8. I’m so glad that Strong Bad did some voice acting for this.

  9. Why am I hearing a dodgeball in the background

  10. We need a snapcube dub of this. Who's with me!

  11. It's as though Strong Bad went to the land of Jellybongus and Jellybingus.

  12. Phelous's channel introduced me to this "game," and other movies associated with this company and their uh, unique design choices. Crazy to see it on here.

  13. 4:53 Dan's "what the hell" followed by Arin starting to lose it is one of the things that keep me coming back to this video, along with 5:13 when Dan goes "What the fuck is happening" and Arin laughs like a madman.

  14. these guys are definitely dutch speaking english. hilarious

  15. I remember my little sister getting this DVD from a serbian friend of my father.
    The voice acting, the sound mixing, the music and the plot are marvellous. Also the soft headbobble when talking and the funky walk cycles. There were a couple of them. I also remember there being an Aladdin one.
    I was laughing so hard the whole time 😂

  16. My god, that music! It makes everything feel so tense, like a life-or-death fight is going to break out at any moment!

  17. 5:53 "there is an undescribable chaos"
    *proceeds to describe the chaos

  18. This game is obviously the origin story and set up for Bedknobs and Broomsticks😂

  19. It's stolen animation from a old German animation studio called Dingo Pictures whom made animated children's movies. The dubs are inaccurate (Obviously). Dingo Pictures made knock off versions of famous Disney movies.

  20. This looks like it was animated by the same studio as the Italian animated Titantic movie

  21. Follow your dreams, but maybe don’t follow them as hard as this. -Jontron

  22. 14:21 Dan's over the top laugh was everything
    Just wished he would laugh like that every time.

  23. If that guy that made the The Room were to make a cartoon, this would be it! I haven't laughed that hard in a while! Awesome find! 😀

  24. next up should be snow white and the seven clever boys

  25. I saw this and had no idea it was the same animation that Saberspark reviewed a while back 😂 this was amazing. I loved Arin’s and Dan’s commentary, laughter, and WTFs 😂

  26. This game was a meme like, 5 years ago 😂

  27. (28:28) I was having a stomach ache from cry laughing so hard at this bit 🤣.

  28. You liked the "movie-game"?
    Well, Arin's slidepuzzle-solving was more impressive.

  29. Doin me a big sad that this incredible work of art hasn't cracked a million views yet.

  30. I can't believe they've never heard of Dingo Productions. My favorites are Hunchback of Notre-Dame and Pocahontas (apparently there's cacti and hyenas in the American northeast)

  31. The Official "Guardian Units of Nations" Channel says:

    This game's cutscenes were made in pre-unified germany.

  32. 28:17
    It sounded like they cut him off before he was going to say a racial slur.

  33. I’m just realizing that there’s apparently a bunch of dogs just in a jungle.

  34. Game Grumps in Mystery Science Theatre 3000

  35. I’m just wondering how jarring it would be if when it got to the soccer game, some sort of actual soccer gameplay began. Like they got to the soccer field and suddenly you are playing a game after almost 15 minutes of cut scene lol.

  36. I seriously had to check my meds to see if there were side effects to make sure I'm not hallucinating, and thankfully I'm not. This game is a literal drug trip😑🤦

  37. I wonder how long production took for that game.

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