Can We Outrun a Police Dog? | Animal Olympics

Dude Perfect
This one’s WILD! It’s Dude Perfect VS the Animal Kingdom! You don’t want to miss this one!
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Performed by Sam Tinnesz
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Written by Riley Friesen and Sam Tinnesz
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  1. I guess the animals love Cody 😂😂

  2. Plz stop abusing anmales im reporting

  3. Ty, your guinea ran back because they are highly sensitive to noise

  4. 5:47 when he corrects sparky with “tortoise” angers me for some reason. A tortoise is type of turtle, there’s no deference.

  5. Tyler got instant karma on the last one😂😂

  6. I didn't know sparky was a fury! Lol funny stuff

  7. cory's face is so funny on the first round

  8. As a person who’s training to be a police officer. Many people have tried and no one has succeeded to actually outrun a K9 Officer.

  9. Hi dude perfect I liked and subscribed to your channel I really love your channel by

  10. Oh and thought you were going to kick the chickens for chicken soccer haha

  11. Sparks’s “bye felisha” deserves a chefs kiss

  12. There is no doubt that Tyler should have won, let's be honest

  13. Personally I've been in Team Cody as long as DP did battles so this win was hugeeee, I can't remember our last dub but I'll take it

  14. aint no way sparky hit em with the "bye Felecia"

  15. I really like the one for the bull survival that They hid by their Horse Costumes by walking far by him.

  16. the sphynx cat was so stinkin cute are you kidding i wantttttt

  17. I’m pretty sure that tortoise race just perfectly described Coby’s career of DP battles 😂

  18. We know who the sore looser is. I didn't even get to look I'm out. With 2 lives left he was fareal mad tossing that chair 😄 🤣

  19. bro the guy in the dog costume looks like dharmajan

  20. Bro really got nutmeged by a chicken😂😂

  21. “Rat Number-”

  22. 3:42 Cory, Coby, Garrett, and Tyler both said Turtle. But Cody said Tortoise.

  23. the chicken going from Cody's goal to Ty's the greatest "ball don't lie" moment of all time🐺🐺

  24. Yaar jab isneh bola na relgions about muslims i felt very proud but we have to respect every religion ❤

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