Checking Out A NEW Animal Game! Felandia Roblox

Checking Out A NEW Animal Game! Felandia Roblox

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  1. If you want to make your character look cool than you have to click shop and use coins that you can find in chests and daily rewards to buy things in shop(theres a lot to it)

  2. Is this from the creators of creatures of sonaria?

  3. Thank you for playing a game made by the Forest tails owners!-

  4. yass

    Also in the avatar editor at the bottom right corner there's a shop button where you can buy lots of fluff, snounts, ears, eyes, etc. I'm pretty sure the Canine Snout is the most expensive item at the moment. (5000)

  5. Check out the horse world aqua horse remake!!

  6. Hi! Do u can trade aeries in the sonaria? I give for it 32k

  7. I'm not hating on roblox devs but how come almost every animal game that's made is role-playing based? Why no realistic type games?

  8. Hold up- this was posted 2 days ago now, Why only 13 comments 😕

  9. btw (if you havent noticed yet) in the menu to make an oc theres a button called "shop", where you can use your couns to buy accsessories (yes, even in the version you we're in, even if its updated now)

  10. The story is that there was a war part of Solaris was burned down and lunaris tells about it and now there is a inbweteen about it


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