Cheetahs Speed | Primal Earth

Primal Earth Survival Gameplay #Shorts

Open World Animal Survival Game Work together to increase your odds while bringing up the next generation. Explore, interact, and hone your skills to develop your character and become even stronger.

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Game: Primal Earth


  1. maaaaan those animations are soooo smooth. Too above for other games in this genre

  2. Still not as fast as my dad when he went to get the milk

  3. Fun fact: Cheetahs have to get as close to their prey as possible before making their move, as a cheetah can only sprint for a short time. If they exceed their limit, they could quite literally fry their brain. They cannot self cool themselves as they run like most herbivorous animals can.

  4. Im scared for how many people think this game is going to be amazing. I hope this doesnt dissapoint

  5. Seems like a very slow start unless it was done to show how it can catch up to pray

  6. bet itll be able to keep that speed for longer than real cheetahs lol.
    games like this never work

  7. OK MAN, IT SURPASSING THOMSON GAZELLE IS WHAT GOT ME. Hyper realistic with the speeds

  8. I'm glad they didn't have the cheetah Just run fast from the beginning. It had to build up speed.

  9. I appreciate how much startup time I had before becoming the flash, it gives prey time to get to a place it can’t reach before it catches up

  10. I like how it’s slow at the start but eventually picks up speed

  11. I imagine this will just be in short bursts though, right? Not 24/7 for the cheetah at max speed.

  12. me: oh wow he's quite fast ain't-

    me when the mofo presses the active ability button at the middle of the video: 💀💀

  13. if they go for realism, every cheetah main gonna get their pockets snatched

  14. Cheetah: "Eat my dust u losers!"

  15. Struthiomimus players rejoice! A fast boy that can attack lol

  16. As soon as a watched this and amber alert came on my phone and scared the hell out of me

  17. It looks good and can't wait for PvP. If it's not out

  18. I dont think thats primal earth game its Animalia survial

  19. feels about right, im guessing it has some sort of acceleration which balances it out. nice

  20. Is primal earth gonna be on console

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