Crazy Trade For Sunken City Secret Pet! 485SP POWER! – Roblox Clicker Simulator

Crazy Trade For Sunken City Secret Pet! 475SP POWER! – Roblox Clicker Simulator
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  1. Can you let me gamepass open x4 eggs, I've been following you for a long time, if you let me know I will be very grateful to you, and forever your fan my username me: binprovip123345😅

  2. I fell like there gonna be a Pokémon world

  3. I literally watched this while my pupils were big and I was at a appointment it’s so blurry rn

  4. Gravy can you give me an vary op pet pls

  5. hi you are the best youtuber i love your´s vidios i what´s then all day and i want a pet can i have just one my name is frederiibuller1 but it can be hej soplease just one pet🥺

  6. I keep trying to get in your server. People so lucky. My friend traded you the secret!!

  7. May i have some of those sp pets my username is: HiMynameisdanzl345

  8. can you pls trade 4 of the rainbow sunken city secret pets

  9. I have to crafted hammerhead shark

  10. can i have an sp pet higher than 5 p add me this is my user Doctor_strange161 and this is my display user Server 🙂 thank you!

  11. Gravy do u have offers for my mystic storm doom colossus in ninja legends 2 and my name is jackson-fun0123

  12. Graf give pet plsss me new name luthfan123x

  13. keep up the good work cute kitty cat❤😙



  16. Offer pet me exsis1.361 for tokens

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