Dunkey’s Best of 2022

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  1. All the Elden Ring + DS1-3 + BB bosses combined are mechanically still less complicated and complex then Dragonsong's Reprise raid or Bahamut Ultiamte from FF 14 or any WoW Raid from WOTLK and beyond.

  2. Animal Well looks amazing! Kinda reminds me of Rainworld with some them an'mal interacts, ey? Best of luck, excited to see it when it comes out!

  3. Just having dinner ,pull up youtube and find this master peice thanks dunkster

  4. Animal Well is giving me huge Rainworld vibes. This is not a bad thing.

  5. Yeah, dunk, I got you. I put it on the wishlist.

  6. I'm a simple man. Dunkey says Wishlist, I Wishlist.

  7. Bro animal well looks so good, but on what consoles is it gonna release on

  8. Billy Basso is such a perfect name for Dunkey’s first game developer. Like a match made in heaven.

  9. Really excited to play Animal well, and I can't wait to see what else Bigmode has in store for us. Happy new year Dunkey!

  10. Every year I know he’s going to mention SMB 2 and every year it kills me lool

  11. When I get Animal Well the first animal I see in the game better be a donkey

  12. After he talked about liking earthbound ive been waiting for him to talk about mother 3. Such a good game

  13. Been gamin since the glory days of NES. I'm going to play the CRAP out of Animal Well. It looks fantastic.

  14. Yes but how will this affect Lebron’s legacy?

  15. the first ever open well type game

  16. This is great and all, but when are you going to make the first strand type game?

  17. How does this man, after years of hard work, only have 7 million subscribers?

  18. Before i watch the whole vid i love that he already found a great game he loved to pub that announcement gave me goosebumps looks great now back to the vid lol

  19. Dunkey's still fun to watch and listen to, but the games aren't as epic.
    The best 2017 was probably the best of bests

  20. Thank you for being with us and bring a lots of fun to our boring life, love you Dunket, and yes I will wishlist the game 🙂

  21. I love you dunkey, i wishlisted the game "Animal Well", it looks really good, hope you keep pushing games that are actually good, and don't become a money grabbing publisher <3

    I trust you with my future gaming adventures.

    As for the list of best of 2022, i will promise you now, that i will play every single Title you mentioned, this year, that i haven't played already, because i really trust your taste, and this video is very convincing.

    All the best to you <3

  22. Omg, Animal Well looks adorable and fun af!

  23. Resist much as you want, Dunkey, you always concede the truth in the end – Super Mario Brother 2 is the best game of the years.

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