EARLY ACCESS SNEAK PEEK!! Update Cenozoic Survival – Roblox Animal Games 2020

Barry On Blox
EARLY ACCESS SNEAK PEEK!! Update Cenozoic Survival – Roblox Animal Games 2020
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  1. play playbox safari its an animal game with animals like the
    wild dog
    also can you subscribe to me?

  2. Barry: I died… I did not expect that.
    Me: well you broke every single bone in your body so you were probably going to die.

  3. I'd like to see a small land mammal like a mouse

  4. I remember a time on Cenozoic survival where Mammoth herds used to get massive and I mean massive so massive it looked like the entire population of people on the server was playing as a mammoth but the max player count back then was much higher than it is now and since the map is eventually going to get bigger I wonder if Dino could bring the maximum players in a server to at least 50 because I miss those times a lot I really do

  5. i wish that animals apart from humans could jump , make it easier to get out of water and over longs

  6. This Bear Main will break some Wolf Main’s Bones >:O

  7. I'm curious what your job is, also I'm Joseph The Dino Boy just on my Pa's account. Hehe!

  8. I konw About new sneak peek News on Twitter

  9. if they added swimming but it costs your stam that means.. no more prey going into the water! 😀

  10. It’s so amazing! Hard to believe it’s roblox. 😀

  11. Woah never played the game even though I watch it XD guess I should play it soon 😀 hope your having a good day Barry !!! And if not… To bad I'm making it a good day >:D

  12. Hey barry pronghorn is getting added to cenozoic survival

  13. Sadly it won't be able for mobile 😔☹️

  14. who else crashed like- 100 times trying to get into the game xD
    on his screen he has some very high quality and it has a lot of frames per second, but mine is the complete opposite

  15. They NEED to buff cave bear to one hit dire wolfs he’s is to bad because of his slowness

  16. when you're playing, minding your business and a random herbivore kills everyone for no reason :/ smh

  17. Woah! This is super impressive!! It’s literally incredible and I still cant believe this is roblox!

  18. Will this ever come to mobile, i cant aford a pc.

  19. barry on blox alaways screams like idiots ugh stop screaming
    and stay calm

  20. What is the name of this (sc) game testing?

  21. BARRY! how do you get early access to this game. And you can play testing pls tell!

  22. they should add tracks in snow or like sand

  23. All i hope it dosent come on mobile cause dinosaur world brought in mobile players and they ruined the game sport killers all on the map u cant play it anymore so yeah

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