ELK STEAKS!! 🥩🥩 l #archery | #elk

Respect the Game TV
Grilling Elk steaks! #publicland l #bowhunting


  1. That's enough please don't kill any animal

  2. Killing for eating and for fun are totally different things. If you are killing for fun it means you've got mental problems

  3. That was a great shot I used to elk hunt all the time except for I used a muzzleloader and got quite a few in my time

  4. Bro thats huge antlers😮 lvl 5 elk in cotw xd

  5. Ты дурак нельзя убевать животных

  6. This is why someone will be born in war of afterlife.

  7. Everyone deserves to live.Humans have thousands of things to eat by not killing these beautiful animals.How could somebody kill these animals….?It's so primitive

  8. That's 14 years of serving time in India.

  9. Never had elk meat b4 but i bet it taste divine😩😩

  10. Please bro stop this thing don't kill them😢

  11. I hope you breathe too)
    From Russia with love)

  12. Bruh, your crossbow is overpower. Silent and deadly.

  13. I just put my application in for PA early elk season.

  14. Atleast be a better shot at killing it instantly

  15. vegan be like :why you kill that sad animal

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