ER Pet Vet – Care for Animals – Fun Animals Doctor Game For Kids

Learn what it’s like to be a real-life veterinarian! Use 3D professional vet tools and become the best animal doctor around! Your adorable, cuddly animal patients aren’t feeling well, and they need YOU to treat them! Examine your furry patients real doctor equipment and help them until the feel all better!

Gain amazing vet skills by learning what it takes to be a real veterinarian! Become the favorite doctor of all the animals in town! The furry kitty, fluffy puppy and soft bunny all need your help! From a bad case of the flu, to nasty scrapes, these fuzzy cuties are all waiting for you to cure them! Challenging puzzles & fun matching games inside!

Get ready to be the best veterinarian EVER! Treat the injured animals!
Examine your furry friends with 3D professional vet tools!
Dress the animals up in cute outfits & play with them at the park!
Do challenging puzzles and matching games to find out what’s wrong with the animals!
Kitty caught the flu! Make an adorable hat and scarf to warm her up!
Bunny broke his leg! Put a cast on him!
Puppy hasn’t been seeing so well – give him glasses!
Kitty’s paw got hurt! Give her a bandaid!
Tons of mini-games inside for you to enjoy!
Hooray! You helped all your patients feel better! Now it’s time to play with them at the park!

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