Find the Animal Game | Can you find the hidden animals?

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Can You Find the Hidden Animals? | Odd one Out Quiz

Find the animal hidden in each image. This hidden animal video is a great boredom buster!

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1. Here is the kitchen but where is the hidden cow? You wouldn’t expect to see a cow hidden in the kitchen so let me know if you find it?
2. Hidden in a field amongst the sheep is a goat. The goat is not easy to spot, but if you look carefully, you’re sure to find it.
3. A dog is hidden in the backyard. This is quite a difficult puzzle to solve so search everywhere beef the time runs out. Did you find the dog?
4. In the market is a hidden chick… Where is the hidden chick? Can you spot where it is hiding?
5. Somewhere at the car boot sale is a hidden polar bear. Where is it? Can you find it before the thirty seconds runs out?
6. A beach full of penguins, but where is the hidden polar bear? Can you spot where it is hiding before the time runs out?
7. The London marathon is starting and hidden somewhere is a ladybird. Where is the hidden creature? Let me know if you find it before the time runs out!
8. A delicious buffet… Somewhere hidden amongst the food is a snail. Find it before the time runs out!
9. A cheese roll is an annual event in one part of the UK. Can you spot the snake hiding near the competitors?
10. A mouse is hiding at the festival. Look careful as it is hard to find!
11. In the tool shed… There is a spider hiding somewhere but can you spot it before the time runs out?
12. You’ve reached the end of the ‘Find the Animal’ game but can you find this hard one. 97% of people will not see this hidden animal. Can you be one of the 3% that can find the hidden Bee?

Some of the hidden animals will be easier to find than others. Some are camouflaged and some cleverly hidden in a variety of positions and settings. Some are quite funny, and some of the animals are virtually impossible to find.

Let me know in the comments how well you do!

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  1. Haha I found the owl are you gonna come the owl picture

  2. Me sees the chick me: im pro 😎 me sees the panda before the person even says weres the panda

  3. Please tell what this awesome song/track is?

  4. Chevrolet GMC Buick Man AKA MOHAMMED MAALIMADEN says:

    Anyone else thought they were talking about the insect Bee? Comment if you did

  5. This has some good quality because I cannot find the goat in the sheep picture

  6. Can you all subscribe my chanal this is my chanal name AL N Kitchen

  7. My mind was stoped working for a second

  8. It's so easy i can find the chick in the shop store

  9. I doubt anybody in the entire 60 thousand people has ever found the snail.

  10. WELL HOW DID I SEE THE COW and aren’t they all sheep?

  11. On the first one if you look at the wall, it kind of looks like a cow. (The reflection)

  12. Practically impossible to spot them….🤔

  13. And on the penguin one I saw it before it even said where is the panda

  14. i just win in the sjape of tree the dog and the uhhh imma question mark ??????

  15. You'll gonna find a scary snail that was a dinosaur

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