Funny Farm for kids, toddlers, boys, girls, babies. Puzzle animal game

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Funny Farm – LIVE PUZZLES for kids! Solve the puzzle of the animals and check what the farm animals can do! The game was developed by PSYCHOLOGISTS for children’s improvement.

The farm purposes are to develop for children the following cognitive functions:

– THINKING – explore possible actions with objects.

– IMAGINATION – imagine how the heroes will become alive.

– ATTENTION – place objects exactly.

– MORAL qualities – help children and animals and feed them.

REAL SOUNDS and BRIGHT GRAPHICS, lots of animations will make the game more colorful!

You will learn the following characters and MISSIONS:

1. Feed the horse and foal, collect flowers for the girl.

2. See if the scarecrow can kick the birds away.

3. How to get milk from a cow? Feed the kitten.

4. Plant and grow vegetables in the garden beds.

5. Guests are in the garden! Find out who can eat the crop!

6. Shear the lamb and collect the wool.

7. Why do pigs sit in the mud and what do they like to eat for lunch?

8. Harvest vegetables and fruits.

9. Fun life in a chicken coop!

10. How do we get honey? Watch funny bees.

Join the game with funny animals and pick live puzzles!

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