Green Hell – Animal Husbandry Release Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games


Much anticipated Green Hell update coming to PlayStation. Discover new activities in the new Animal Husbandry expansion – catching, looking after and breeding animals.

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  1. The title just makes me think of Metallica’s song

  2. O cara tá criando capivara mano. Aí, sim.

  3. 🤦 Getting tired of the hipster style type games that are coming out and they don't care about any type of other genre, You want to ask me about my comment well the comments in this comment section prove that I'm right because all you hipsters do is copy each other and all I can see is the same comment down the whole list, cabyara or whatever it is I could care less

  4. Aguanten los carpinchos !!!!! En argentina los domas mas rapido y sin trankilizantes ajjaja

  5. finnaly and can we hope fore the building update too but not so long maybe then next 2 MONTHS?

  6. I just want it so it's a little easier to control on console. I bought it and had a difficult time keeping up with everything.

  7. Waiting here patiently for a sale so I can cop this game immediately.

  8. Are yall borrowing some concepts from The Forest, Sons of the Forest, etc? lol

  9. 99% of the people who will buy this are tiktok jits obsessed with some weird capybara trend

  10. I was under the impression that in the game you play as an animal from the image, but this looks fine.

  11. Masbro capybara allowed to be a thumbnail it's really cute.

  12. Is that Masbro- i mean… Capybara's?😳

  13. so conclusion is
    making a zoo at deserted island?

  14. Why does this look a lot like the forest

  15. Please work on making the coop work properly! 2 players works, 3 players no longer and if you build or collect too much, nothing works anymore. error messages and eviction

  16. This looks more like a rip off version of ark survival and I'd like to see vampire bats drink their blood

  17. Hope à PS5 update will come eventually?

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