Guess the Animal Sound Game | 12 Nocturnal Animal Sounds Quiz

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Guess the Animal Sound Game | 12 Nocturnal Animal Sounds Quiz
This is a guess the sound video with a difference. Instead of guessing regular sounds, listen to the twelve different nocturnal animal sounds. Each of the animal sounds get progressively harder, with some familiar animal sounds at the beginning and some unusual animal sounds at the end of the video.

Let me know how many animal sounds you guess correctly in the comment section. Please remember to like the video for more ‘Guess the Animal’ quizzes.

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  1. your next video is going to be tomorrow

  2. this video is about the nocturnal animals

  3. but these animals are in the dark

  4. am not gonna be able to comment beacuse i have to go of my laptop and my phone broke so cant coment on there and i cant sighn in on youtube on my tablet sorry

  5. an owl is on guess the animal sound

  6. Lol im sitting here at like 4am hearing racoon noise outside my house

  7. #11 was easy for me… they're chicken killers! AKA raccoons. In the past 4 years, they have twice moved in to the area and wiped out nearly ALL of my chickens! And yes, I know it's them, because I started sitting out at night to find out! Removed 18 of them 4 years ago, before we lost count! They would come in like a freaking hoard of genocidal maniacs!

    This year, they even killed my very rare Sweetgrass turkeys – wiped out the whole flock! And my Banty Cochins, wiped out, and my ducks, wiped out, and my Dominiques, wiped out, and all but 2 of my mixed flock, wiped out! And they only survived because they're all black! So, I'm sitting out here in the dark, again, ready to catch this herd of them and get rid of them.

    Heard some critter I couldn't identify, and am looking for hints, but this video isn't even alll from one continent, much less any help to me. Ugh!

  8. I'm trying to identify the noise that I hear at night I guess just a toad

  9. Like if you’re here because you heard a weird sound outside your house and you want to know what it was?

  10. Based on that background and the selection of animals hyena was totally out of place

  11. Well what I'm hearing at 6:30 this a.m was not on this video… 🙁

  12. I'm surprised by all of the night sounds that I've never heard before in the many years that I've lived here! Now I hear them at least once a month! Mostly foxes and sometimes racoons, but there was one Screech Owl that came almost every night for a few weeks, and then just stopped coming. I just heard one again a few days ago for the first time in months. The Great Horned Owl which I had never heard before started coming every now and then one year a few years ago, and I haven't heard one since.

  13. Well now I know to look out if I hear that last sound. Is it just me, or do all of these night animals sound terrifying or creepy?

  14. So I heard this sound (in the San Bernardino National Forest, As I answered, it came closer. I can run into the house!

  15. The first sounds like one of our chickens when she’s (can you even say “she” anymore?) laying. I would have guessed some sort of bird. I am not good at this!

  16. Guys someone help me I hear a sound like aggressive monkey looking for fight but I don't know the sound.

  17. I don't know what I heard it was like a sonar sound but it sounded like breathing so I'm stumped and to top it off it all sounded the same across the board no difference in sound or pitch

  18. Number 4 is so spooky, but it's what I've been hearing outside of my house at night. I already kind of thought it was a fox but I wasn't sure. I did see a fox in my yard a few years ago.

  19. Yep something outside right now and this isn't the 1st time I've heard it… Sounds scary … Idk what it is

  20. Different videos based on geographic ocation would be cool for example Videos based on state / territory

  21. I’m trying to identify the annoying squeaking sound outside my window

  22. I keep hearing a high pitched “waa” every night at around midnight every 8 or so seconds and i have no idea if its a bird or something else

  23. yeah I'm trying to find the thing at night that goes hisses 3 times, pauses and then hisses again.

  24. Rara Nguyen 2 🇺🇦 #SaveUkraine #IstandwithUkraine says:

    1:55 I heard that before like 3 times

  25. First one is definitely the Amazon van reversing 😄

  26. Who else is sitting outside right now listening to these thinking well crap am I calling them now to my front porch! 😆

  27. I typed in Woodland Animals UK!..
    I wood love to see a fecking Hyena in the woods here in England lmfao 😂🤦‍♀️👍

  28. I've been watching the Pride & Prejudice TV series and Foyle's War. In both I've been hearing some spooky animal noise. A search has brought me here to find out it is just a red fox. No wonder our ancestors were superstitious hearing that at night.

  29. It's a hedgehog like sonic gotta go fast

  30. Im trying to find out what I heard last night, I guess it was just a hyena

  31. It would help to know where these sounds are from!

  32. Red foxes are amazing. I always thought it would be a cougar that would make a sound like that. It's surprising to discover that such a sound actually comes from a much smaller animal. What lungs they have!

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