Guess the Animal Sound Game | Jungle Animal Sounds Quiz

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Guess the Animal Sound Game | Jungle Animal Sounds Quiz
This is a guess the sound video with a difference. Instead of guessing regular sounds, listen to the thirty different jungle animal sounds from jungles around the world, including The Amazon, African and Asian. Also includes ambient jungle music to make it more difficult.

Let me know how many you guess correctly in the comment section. Please remember to like the video for more ‘Guess the Sound’ quizzes.

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  1. It's easy to guess the familiar animals.

  2. Think that a kid can be uble tp understand those? Tiger, lion, girraffeeeee, monkey, hippo, snake,… that are many enough for them, tired with these videos

  3. Sorry but scrambling the letters is just awful for kids who are learning words. I wouldnt watch with kids under 12.

  4. What i guess it is right i am not tlinglise

  5. Your anagram of River Dolphin is incorrect. The first word anagram is 'RILEV' – there is no 'L' in RIVER!! Otherwise, we loved it, great fun and tricky!

  6. It would be easier to focus on the sound of the animal if the background noise was removed.

  7. Thank you! This is bringing my school joy these last few weeks of school. The perfect way to to start a virtual day.

  8. FNAFAndLuckyStarRules2010 | TGAMM And HHPAY Fan says:

    I looked in a episode and I'm looking for a cicada

  9. Blood Darknesssss the Calabar Ground Python says:

    Okay first most of the words are spelled wrong and “Cameleon!!!????!!” Dang, did you college?

  10. The sloth is very noisy cuz i put airplugs in and the volume all the way up it is painful and when i listened to the Bengal tiger it shocked me so i.put the volume down

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