Happy Feet is a Horror Movie #shorts

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Why is Happy Feet so scary? #didyouknow #throwback #childhood #scary


  1. Thinking happy feet is a horror movie is just branding yourself as a huge pussy

  2. Have you seen most "kids films"? There's always some element of horror.

  3. The fact that I'm 19 and still scared of that type of seal and orcas… I mean, have you ever heard a leopard seal? THEY ARE TERRIFYING. And orcas being SUPER smart and SUPER happy to play with their food and having you practically at their mercy in the water is also TERRIFYING.

    Orcas still look kinda cute… can't say the same thing about those seals 0-0

  4. Funny, when I was a kid I didn't find happy feet or Coraline scary

  5. I like this movie simply for the elephant seals, leopard seal and orca. Oh and the Skuas, maybe I just like the villains and want to see Mumble torn to shreds

  6. I loved this movie as a kid and honestly i forgot all these scenes idk how i was never scared at all but seeing it as an adult i am terrified 😂😂😂

  7. Nemo was pretty scary too, I always had to close my eyes watching the barracuda scene when I was younger, the silhouette of it just staring at marlins wife had me almost shitting my pants

  8. The Leopard seal was quite terrifying 😅

  9. The scariest thing is that killer whales actually do that

  10. Dude it’s a childhood movie I fuckin loved this movie

  11. I actually watched this movie when i was a little. Gotta admit the only thing that made me scared is the elephant seal scene

  12. Agreed. And don’t forget Nemo, where the barracuda literally ate Marlins kids except for Nemo as well as his wife right in front of him. My parents always assumed that when I stared at the screen as a kid, that I loved the movie, when in fact I was traumatized, it was like watching Order 66 at 4 or 5 YEARS OLD. Disney had a messed up sense of kids movies early on.😢😢😢😢😢

  13. How the hell does a penguin even live to adulthood with all the danger around them?

  14. This is what i called a movie unlike Disney now😅

  15. It’s not a horror movie, it correctly describes the harsh life of the extreme south. Penguin’s #1 enemies are leopard seals, orcas, and the birds scene as well.

  16. Its a horror movie because its a movie about global warming and the fall of the emperor penguin. We straight up murdered them as a species because we take more than we give

  17. I was never scared of this movie as a kid, it was probably one of my favorites, but that seal jumpscare never failed to get me.

  18. This just show how they portrayed The perspective of the penguins really are, and as human i bet you will only see those animal's as cute and kind as we all nkow but kid do not nkow their True nature

  19. I personally always loved this movie and i find it way more funny than scary…

  20. This was my all time favorite movie when I was a baby/Toddler. I would request it everyday and It actually made me stop crying as a baby. I would just sit down and watch it with my penguin plushy

  21. Fear of dark bodies of water are not irrational fears. They are often genuinely dangerous. It’s only irrational if your fear extends to a puddle on the pavement :p

  22. “what kind of sick bastard” yeah felt that 😂😂😂

  23. You guys remember the scary ass extra in the cd where the penguin encounters a giant whale eye

  24. That's Right Happy Feet Is A Horror movie

  25. That leopard seal jump scare still gets me

  26. Happy feet was what my parents used to call me when id get excited i love this movie it’ll always have a special place in my heart

  27. Dude you might think it is scary when other kids love it, it is just a movie showing what really happens in nature.

  28. Happy feet was a nightmare fuel for me. Thanks to it I got Thalassophobia.

  29. It's crazy how terrifying those scenes are and even more they're in a kids movie

  30. Idk man, I loved this movie, even when I was a kid

  31. Got very depressed for a week after watching as a kid

  32. So what do you expect from a director who made mad max..

  33. Wasn't the movie actually about to be an actual horror film based on Lovecraft imagery?

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