hi garrett | Garrett’s Funny Animal Game! – Baldi’s Basics Mod

The Wizard Royal
Ahoooy Mates! 🗡
Funnnnny Animaaal!
mod creator: jumpman25

Baldi’s Basics
Mod Link:

0:00 Intro
0:10 Meet Garrett
1:11 1/7 Notebooks
2:18 2/7 Notebooks
3:20 3/7 Notebooks
5:52 4/7 Notebooks
6:57 5/7 Notebooks
7:50 6/7 Notebooks
8:27 Final Notebook
9:48 Go to Exit
10:24 Outro

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New Coffin Dance Meme in Baldi’s Basics Compilation #5

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Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning [ MOD ]

Dancing Line All Level

📕 This Credits Mystman12 of the Original Game
Original Game :

💰 Baldi’s Basics Plus Full Version! 💵

🎶 Song Copyright
Intro Song: Dancing Line – The Legend Of Assassin
Outro Song: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – BGM Pirate Placement


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  1. ok u beat the game now you need to get the secret ending

  2. but how did you play the baldi mod? when i download the zip theres only resource files

  3. The characters that could be identified are:
    Garrett – Baldi
    Paloose Men – Principal of the Thing
    PLAY_TIME_2_0 – Playtime
    It's A Wizard – It's A Bully
    Mr. Music – Gotta Sweep
    Do You Accept – Arts and Crafters
    Leggi – 1st Prize

  4. 재밌게 보고 갑니다. funny game ^^

  5. 2:58 can you see it, What Is The poster for School Image look like

  6. I love how the animal questions dont even work anymore and how garrett has a f***ing seizure at the end

  7. why does garrett randomly say “HEY YOU. I KNOW YOU’RE HACKING.”

  8. What can I have the first time that that there's not this time a first-half for have


  10. Can someone give me a time step for when do you accept comes?

  11. 𝖃𝖝_𝕾𝖚𝖓𝖓𝖞𝕲𝖆𝖇 :) says:

    The game is old, But you remember the mod thanks at Ferocious 😀

  12. Bro, is this a pre – release?
    I only saw This is a Wizard once and in the game he spawns every second near you

  13. Can anyone give me a synopsis of what the character posters in Paloose Men's office say?

  14. what version do i download of baldis basics to play this mod i already have the stuff downloaded

  15. nvm i somehow keep getting math questions instead of the animal ones 💀

  16. yay finally someone win it i was watching u long time ago

  17. That Strange I Have Seen Garrett In The Beginning😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  18. "dO you know this first aNiMaL?"
    garrett not even 1 second later: ONE minus ONE!

  19. Do oyu know this 3rd animal? … 4 GOOD JOB!!!

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