HIDING FROM REPTILES! Most Realistic Animal Simulator Game Ever! – (Roblox Holocene)

Animal Simulator with reptiles, birds, mammals and more!

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  1. i cant find that animal simulator ife ben searching in like a hour!!

  2. U should play untamed planet and Cenozoic survival u love them

  3. This is not Holocene! Because when I play Holocene there is no komodo dragon or other snakes there's only one snake in game and there's no turtles In game!!

  4. Just to let you know when your flying or swimming use your mouse curser to move
    It would make it easier

  5. Idk if u have played this game but u should play Wild Savannah (W.I.P) Its just as realistic and its kinda rhe same!

  6. i was a green anaconda then i constricted like 5 tigers

  7. Can you please send the link in the description so I can play that game please

  8. I wish they put the same thing on mobile

  9. Bro this is not cool HOLOCEN mobile doesn't have all those animals

  10. U should try cenozoic survival


  12. Please guys tell me what I need to do this game I want to play him I can press play it’s like a bar it’s like Dess🚫 can you guys please tell me I really want to see how can I play this game I need to have a big level in Roblox

  13. the one who sadi in birds ? was the gamepass perigrin falcon

  14. Watch that what’s the game that you’re playing called

  15. Can anyone send me a link to this game i legit want to try it

  16. Check out cenizoic survival or wild savannah if you want the real best most realistic experience lol

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