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Since the dawn of man, we have sought to swim with the seals, to fly amongst the birds, to run with the noble cheetah, but our cruel god saw fit to not allow us these pleasures, instead, we are doomed to a life of tedium…until now. Yeah, this is a video about Maneater.

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[YouTube] Lion Gameplay
[Giant Bomb] Animal Protagonists
[YouTube] Life of Black Tigers
[YouTube] Deadly Creatures
[Steam] The Survival Series


  1. You’re not playing animals, but classics that scratched that itch for me back in the day were destroy all humans & Stubbs the zombie.
    Always nice to be the bad guy and kill stupid humons

  2. You forgot the best one. Mister Mosquito!!!

  3. wait, wdym jaws was a bad game?
    i played that game more than GTA san andreas

  4. Ape Out. You missed Ape Out. It's easy to miss considering it is a very small game from a small developer, and the only console it's available on is Switch, but it it is such a good freaking game for all of the reasons you mentioned. Want to be an animal and move like an animal? It's there. You want to rip humans to shreds? Done. Want to feel like you are really in an environment? Covered. On top of all that, unique and engaging visuals and music.

    Play it.

  5. we need a pigeon game to poop on everyone and their food

  6. I've liked these types of games since the Africa trailer on PS3 had me expecting more than a photography sim

  7. My gf is looking forward to pigeon simulator so she can fly around shitting on people lol

  8. Waiting for a Canadian studio to give us An Untitled Moose Game

  9. Incredible the beginning of the video that you got the deceased Dr Steven Hawkins to do the intro, hehe

  10. Life of Black Tiger is the best animal simulator game ever made! /s

  11. I really like when you guys do content like this. You and Conor are really fun to listen to just talk about the informational side of things.

  12. I just want a werewolf game. Not a game about fighting werewolves or one that let's you be one as a side note. I mean, I want a game that is all about being a werewolf from start to finish. Sure there's probably one or two of them, but I want a real AAA rpg of a game with skill trees, factions of other monsters, deep lore, and many different abilities. Is that too much to ask? That might be asking too much.

  13. play depth its a great shark game divers hunting for gold vs sharks trying to kill kill them and its got a few other modes its seval years old now and great fun

  14. I'm must not have lizard brain, because I get bored playing these types of games.

  15. I want that game but I really hate downloading things with denuvo

  16. I forgot I just cleaned my dish's with SpongeBob

  17. The animal game that sets you the freest is clearly Tokyo Jungle, where else can you be a Pomeranian and take on a lion?

  18. this is the quality content I knew we would arrive at eventually during quarantine

  19. Deadliest Creature for the Wii has you playing as a Scorpion and Tarantula

  20. Hey, a fun animal based game that goes way back to the snes is called Evo made by Enix (before they joined with square soft) , basically you start as a fish and by eating other things you get evolution points, these allow you to spec into new traits, eventually you get to work your way through evolution until you turn human (if you choose to), then you fight a caveman as the final boss. It can be a bit grindy but it's fun overall

  21. Everyone jokes about Patrick’s presenting voice but hasn’t it only changed since quarantine? Maybe he lives in an apartment complex with paper-thin walls, I’ve noticed it’s really difficult for him to amp up the yelling performances so I totally get when half the job is making videos, he might have to be mindful of his neighbors.

  22. I loved that intro lol. 😁
    I don't have much experience with animal games, but they always look very interesting. 🤔
    This was a great video, it really took me somewhere else. Nice job, Patrick. 👌

  23. I don’t remember the name, but I remember someone is making a game where you llay as a Dragon… (not a talking one like spyro, but a regular, animal dragon)

  24. You guys help me make it through the day thanks for existing!!!

  25. Animal games and not a single shout out to Ecco the dolphin? Shame. Gamer card revoked!
    Jk. Fun video. 🙂

  26. Man you just gonna pretend life of black tiger doesn’t exist?

  27. God DAMIT. No.
    Don't remind me of fucking "A Dog's Life".
    I felt like I was losing brain cells as I played it. UGH.

  28. You missed a few great games:
    Path of titans,
    The isle,
    Dragons of the edge (its a fan game for fans of the franchise httyd, not finshed yet, but it has a pretty cool demo)
    Hope you will play some of these 😃 (especialy wolfquest)

  29. Tokyo Jungle! Check it out! Jaws: Unleashed! Check it out! One of the reasons I like Jaws: Unleased just a little bit more than Maneater, and it's a morbid reason, is that you could select which body part you wanted to grab and then rip that part off of the human body and watch them try to swim with a missing leg or arm while their screams were muffled by the water….. I think I have issues. But it was very cool.

  30. Okami comes to mind… Ammy is possibly the best animal protag ever. XD

  31. My problem with Maneater is that, it convinced me to pre-order and pay full price but it was so boring that I played it for less than 2 hours. My problem is that it is the same as Hungry Shark World on android which I played for 10+ hours.

  32. "Our Cruel God Saw Fit Not Allow U.S. These Pleasures. Instead We Are Doomed To A Life Of Tedium."

    That's just how life be! 😔

  33. "Hey, We Should Make A Game Out Of This."

    slaps a picture of a goose in the chat

    And that is how Untitled Goose Game became a game! 😌

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