How Animals See the World

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  1. seeing everything in slow motion might be annoying it’s like lagging irl just imagine lagging every single second of your life

  2. Well then my dog is blind💀 he doesn’t even see the dog on the other side of the street sometimes

  3. Those birds got the 5090 early access 💀

  4. How does bro know, is he a shape shifter😭

  5. That's why if you go slow enough, you can catch a resting fly. It'll be like you're a stationary object.

  6. Horses be viewing the world in Splitscreen💀

  7. Not all snakes see in thermo vision it’s just the ones with heat spots under their mouths

  8. Bro how did people find this out😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  10. Wait wait… so we already know that eye transplants are possible so why don't we take eagle eyes and grow them to be size of human eyes and then put them into humans so we can see farther? Oh wait Harvard's calling

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