How GOOD/BAD is My Game Collection?

🎮 Hey, there! Thanks so much for tuning in! Today, Max will be taking a test to see how good his game collection is! Max has games of course… but he’s not as much of a collector as you may think he is therefore I’d bet his collection is pretty poor! Let’s find out! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the short! 🎮

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  1. I still have way more skylanders and expected another game to come out. I got all 10 crystals and almost 100%'d the game 😅

  2. As an angry bird fan I am currently 12 kilometers from your house

  3. Here's mine since Idk how you found out how to rate this
    Game you regret buying: Cut The Rope Triple Treat (you can get all the games for free on mobile so Idk why I bought this)
    Highest rated: Super Mario Galaxy (I technically don't OWN OoT since I use NSO to play it so I won't count it)
    Lowest rated: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
    Oldest game: Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt
    Rarest game: Mega Man: The Wily Wars (Retrobit Official Reproduction Cart)

  4. Game I regret: Splinter Cell DS
    Highest Rated Game: BoTW/ToTK/TLoU
    Lowest Rated: Splinter Cell DS
    Oldest Game: Legend of Zelda (1986)
    Rarest Game: I mean, my most valuable game is Dragon Quest V for the DS, but my rarest game is probably Conduit 2 for the Wii (it's one of my personal most valuable games.)

  5. I own like 50 NES games including the very first mario

  6. I have super mario land for the game boy and it's crazy to say it but the game is older than me

  7. Is that the same m&ms game u got from dk oldies?

  8. I have Skylanders Imaginators for Switch as well!

  9. i’ll do you one better, I have the angry birds trilogy on the playstation 3. If that doesn’t say legend idk what does

  10. Game I regret buying – Ke We: Highest rated game I own – Breath of the wild – 97: Lowest rated game – little friends – dogs and cats – 52/100: Oldest game – Minecraft – 2011 : Rarest game – Sparks of hope gold edition – 80 bucks

  11. I sold Skylanders imainators for $70… and my new 3ds xl with a ton of games for only $100 😭

  12. Nah you’re telling me you don’t have Ride to Hell retribution?!

  13. Highest game you own then showed a game he dosent own

  14. Mine is et
    Ocarina of time
    Et again
    Et again again

  15. Man we are twins , i also have skylanders imaginators on my nintendo switch and i love that game and my freinds makes fun of me because of it 😥
    Oh well i love your channel btw

  16. bro you know how much i would pay to legally acquire a single angry birds game, its been a rough time to be a fan ever aince they deleted the OG games from the app stores in 2015/16

  17. I have a lot of skylanders games and figures I could sell that if it’s rate

  18. I feel like AB:Trilogy is worth it now since all of the og AB games have been removed off app stores.
    (Or I’m just THAT big of an Angry Birds fan (probably that))

  19. I regret buying go vacation for my switch it's just not for me

  20. Skylanders goes for 130 DOLLARS USED?? I own that game and have barely ever played it and you're saying I can sell it for $130!? Woah!

  21. Wait skylanders games are worth WHAT?! I HAVE ALL OF THEM

  22. i have Barbie: Groom And Glam Pups. it costs 500

  23. Is no one talking about how Ocarina of time is older than the M&M game?

  24. Here's mine:
    Game I regret buying – Monument Valley
    Highest rated game I own – If NSO doesn't count, Super Mario Odyssey
    Lowest rated game I own – Multiversus with 78/100, tho many of my games aren't even rated on Metacritic
    Oldest game I own – Assuming NSO does not count, it's Minecraft (2009)
    Rarest game I own – I guess it's Rovio Classics: Angry Birds on Android, since this game was only available for a couple of months

  25. The oldest game i have is age of empires … the original one from 2000

  26. I agree with you on ab trilogy, worst part is that the game has dlc and even for free on ps vita (A portable console with a digital store) but not on 3ds (A portable console with a digital store) so there’s not much content to play, you’re better off buying the Wii/ Wii U versions for the dlc

  27. How did you rank your collection at the end?

  28. Ocarina of Time overrated and wouldn’t score as high today

  29. Regret: I would say Tetris 99 since at the time I didn’t have switch online so I couldn’t play it, but since it’s free I’ll say Let’s Go Pikachu, since the gym requirements stopped me from beating the game
    Highest Rated: That would be either Minecraft or Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but since the versions I have are not the PC version, I’ll say Smash
    Lowest Rated: I have 3 answers. If we count ports it’s Minecraft: Pocket Edition. If we count mobile games but not ports, it’s Dr Mario World. Lastly, if no mobile games, it’s Pokémon Sword which I actually love.
    Oldest: It’s odd. I have Namco Museum for Switch which has PAC-MAN, but it’s technically a new game so I’ll go Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga from 2007. I’ve played games older than that though.
    Rarest: Probably Namco Museum. I don’t think it was that popular so it didn’t get that many copies likely.
    Rarest: I don’t really have any

  30. Oot is 25 years old though… not counting the remastered

  31. my rarest physical game is yokai watch 2 psychic specters but I also have yokaj watch 3 digital

  32. At a local game store (in Algeria which greatly understimate the price of games), I found imaginators switch for 20$

  33. My oldest game is the og super Mario bros for the nes

  34. I had no idea Imaginators for the switch was rare. I have it, but I didn't spend anywhere near what he did.

  35. Considering most classic Angry Birds games are off the apps store, AB trilogy might be worth your time if you’re in the mood for launching some birds.

  36. Huh bc of this video I now know that I own this rare Skylanders game.

  37. I have a copy of Yu-Gi-Oh for the Nintendo DS my dad said it is rare

  38. i had NO idea there were any skylander games on the switch,, I have imaginators on the Wii U lol

  39. Jimmy neutron is the strongest, Pokémon ever

  40. Rarest game i own is the first version of the N64 Ocarina Of Time, With the old Fire Temple theme (one with the chanting) before it got removed

    Oldest i own is Excite Bike on the NES

  41. Digital virtual console games count?!

  42. Love ur stuff man! Can I maybe get a pin? For the fun of it lol

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