How I THROW Pets 30+ Laps in Roblox Pet Sim X (Yeet a Pet Update) #shorts

In this video I will teach u guys how to throw / yeet pets super far in roblox pet simulator x or yeet a pet! This is my short guide and as a heads up i actually made a long form video going in more detail! Enjoy and be sure to join the huge pet giveaway!

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Pet Simulator X Details

💰 Collect coins to buy hundreds of eggs!
🥚 Hatch LEGENDARY pets like a Dragon or Unicorn!
🗺️ Unlock new worlds like the floating islands!
🔄 Collect and trade pets with other players!
✨ ENCHANT and UPGRADE pets or fuse them together!
😎 Collect HUNDREDS of unique pets!

#ROBLOX #PetSimulatorX #PetSimX

If you want to play Roblox with me, click my profile so you can join me in game!


  1. Hi! Im big fan and I literally watched your live today and yesterday!

  2. Bro I can’t even get a cat too hard I suck to bad

  3. Yoo can i get a huge plzzz its. My dream pet

  4. im really subed pls gimme the fire ball cat sri_hari123

  5. Thx for the advice I always wondered why it said orbs strength I thought it was for like how much orb gives you

  6. The merchant got removed? Cuz I waited 3 hrs in a server and he didn't spawn

  7. I think I might quit because I got scammed for 4 of my huges and 7B of my gems

  8. Love your vids dude, it’s hard to buy these new pets because of all these opportunists selling the new pets for the same amount as a huge

  9. Hi LT do you remeber me from your other stream last time? 🙂 if u do put a smiley fave too

  10. Can you send me a huge it would be my first huge – pro26emanue❤❤❤

  11. #4 if you want something that goes far and more cheaper than fireball cats buy fire agonys there only like 300m when i went to buy a fireball cat it was like 1b+

  12. Obviously everybody knows this if they didn't then the fireball cat wouldn't be 200b gems

  13. Can I get a huge please my user is WarriorNinjaUmair1

  14. Bro people selling fireball cat for billions of diamonds

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