How to get ANY Nintendo Switch Game FREE!

Best way to get FREE Games On Nintendo Switch! Also FREE Rewards!
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  1. They screw you with the physical games though. You get more points for digital games.

  2. doesn't have 1/3 of their eShop games from library gold points

  3. 1 year from the release date of the game no less

  4. But you have to PAY for Story Mode which is BS!

  5. I, too, have known this, however I keep forgetting to redeem the points I get from physical games. Last time I remembered I was only able to redeem like 3 games. 😪

  6. No don't show people I redeem those cartridges at work 🤣🤣🤣

  7. How could you not know about the gold points? It’s posted everywhere on social media.

  8. The issue with the platinum rewards program is they always sell out of their products really fast

  9. All my games are over a year past release date so it won't work

  10. I knew about the game card thing but not the missions

  11. I've been redeeming my cartridge points since day one.

  12. If you got a letter from me please answer keep up the good work

  13. I subscribed because of this very interesting feature!!! woww

  14. I actually ordered the Nintendo Game Card case and it’s pretty awesome because it carries 8 game cards in 1 case!!! I own exactly 8 physical games and so this is cool because I can take all of my games to go lol

  15. You can do this practically since Release of the switch 😂

  16. Just been collecting points and not knowing what there for until reciently

  17. That is probably one of the first things I knew about my switch the gold points

  18. Does it work on old nintendo switch

  19. The switch tells you this when you start it up for the first time and set up ur acc

  20. Yeah me and the wife knew; she is always really hot on making sure we boot a game when we first buy it and claim it, even if we're not gonna play anytime soon. We even went back and did a massive re-do at the beginning of the pandemic, incase we'd missed any haha.

  21. i saw the title and thought isn't this illegal

  22. In Europe most of the "nintendo services" challenges (like searching stickers on the websites) just don't exist and some of the physical items are not available here. And don't get me started how they want me to pay for delivery as well. I buy stuff for the switch for years and years now and did every challenge that i could do (without owning animal crossing or FE three houses OR playing stupid mario run on my moblile) and so managed to accumulate a whopping 240 Plat Points. Which takes me more than halfway to a pokémon cable organizer that probably would go for 2.99 in retail. If this is not the most senseless redemption system, i don't know what is.

  23. Why promote Nintendo after making a video saying you hate them……… 🙄!

  24. 1:12
    “And even he was confused”
    You could have left out the ‘even’.

  25. Such a misleading title, should’ve been called “how to get free games by spending hundreds of dollars”

  26. BRO the friend part for animal crossing killed me! I had the EXACT problem!

  27. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel huh?

  28. True, but misleading. If you buy a $60 game off of the eShop you'll get $3 credit to your account. If you redeem your points with your physical copy then you'll earn $0.60 credit. You would have to buy 20 $60 games off of the eShop before you earned enough credit to buy one $60 game with it. That's $1200 worth of games just to earn $60 credit lol. It's cool that Nintendo does this btw I'm not complaining at all, but it's nothing to get excited about.

  29. I watched through all the horrors even though i am not interested in the points and could not stop laughing when you finally found out that it was all out of stock. xD

  30. I been doing that from since zelda breath of the wild release

  31. My god, wood. I thought everyone did this for years…

  32. Yeah and the games have to be new from the release date, not when they’re bought. Kinda weird

  33. Clickbait article…”when you buy a switch game” is the basis of the whole thing. It’s not free. That being said, a lot of people could benefit from this knowledge.

  34. they need to give all nes snes sega games for free idc they have to fokin give those for free

  35. I’m surprised this isn’t more common knowledge. I’ve known about it for a while and have gotten a few things like a Mario 3D World Lanyard, a team Galactic Phone ring, and most recently the Pokémon Legends wire clamp (with the ancient poke ball and galaxy team logo). I’ve also used the gold points to get cheaper indie games or games on sale since they don’t cost much. I’m unsure as to how long they’ve had the “redeem for gold points” so I didn’t have much when I did do it for all my physical games. The only thing I wasn’t aware of was that you could turn mobile game specific points into silver points. Ive been playing Fire Emblem Heroes for some time and would’ve been so useful to know

  36. Free…Well except the part where you have to pay $7 for shipping

  37. Wait what? When i got the nintendo switch, one of the first thing i discovered was that you could redeem gold points from physical version of the game

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