How To Get Pet Aging Potions In Adopt Me

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New adopt me friendship pets growth update release date in roblox adopt me pets! how to get aging potions and age potions in roblox adopt me pets new update to make your pets into a full grown in adopt me pets!

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  1. Adopt me literally said that when you trade someone a pet with a high-level, it will automatically go back to zero wants traded

  2. I think it’s going to make values of neons and mega neons go down

  3. Hi cookie! I never added a YouTuber my dream would be to add you its fine if not myuser is maylene87 and if not hopefully I will In the future

  4. They said that the friendship meter will start over if you trade your pet. I'm wondering if the age up potions will be tradeable. Also I hope that the friendship leveling will help with people pretending to be poor and saying they have no pets. We will see I guess.

  5. I'm a bit exited for the growth potion, but at the same time, I'm kind of disappointed because it took me a few seconds to realize post-teens, full-growns, neons, and megas will downgrade in value since it will be a little easier to age them.

  6. Wait does this mean neon values will decrease..

  7. Bruh I do a task for a full grown pet and nothing happens I’m so confused but no one will help me bc no one cares

  8. pls give me a shadow dragoN im your biggest fan my user is NaimaTheunicorn_525

  9. I'm sad adopt me isn't making a update on its birthday;(

  10. hi cookie I love how you always tell us the updates.!!!!

  11. Could I have some pets I'm poor. Username. SkyeSkee_IsMe

  12. That mines neons and megas are gonna lose valus

  13. ☆𝐋𝐔𝐕𝟒𝐍𝐆𝐄𝐋𝐒☆ says:

    Mega/ neon makers: cough cough wait.. I wasted my time for this?….

  14. The friendship level if you trade a fully grown pet will reset every time you trade it so you cannot do that and ask for a friendship level. If you do it will reset for your Roblox account and if you trade back it will also reset so you can not to trade it if you want it to be your friend. It shows it for the trailer released today.

  15. I'd like to point out that the friendship level resets to zero if you trade your pet away, and would remain zero if it ever made it back to you. So, yeah…

  16. Honestly I don't rly like this because it will drop value of neon and megas

  17. If some rich people's are making a mega neon leg, they would overpay for a growth potion! The most fastest way to get rich by now.

  18. I have a neon cat in adopt me its fullgrown
    I can't wait for that friendship to come!!!

  19. 2:09 it doesn’t go with trade adopt me said it they said it resets to 0 again

  20. Can I have a MFR bat dragon pls. My username is MVPprogirl, I've only started playing Adopt me for a month. Thank you for your amazing video!

  21. by thIs potion i can make a mega faster OMG!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

  22. hi i liked and subbed, my dp is a neon kangaroo, user: Mariella_2549 , i got scammed so i have no pets rn

  23. I feel like this is gonna bring the values of neons down so much…

  24. in 4 hours the friend ship bar will be here guys!

  25. Cookie I want to be in a video I’m a humongous fan!

  26. How much friendship do you have to have to get a potion

  27. Hey can you please help me get my pets back I got hacked

  28. Adopt Me is finally listening to the community.

  29. 00:00:23 Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much time and work he put into these videos? It's unbelievable, and I think they deserve a lot more than that! 🌞🌞

  30. This new potion sounds like a lot less time spent ont those pesky tasks. I love it!

  31. i still don’t understand. can someone please explain it to me! i still don’t understand.

  32. today is the release for this update. I found out aging up the pet[the old way] is actually way more faster than using aging potion, bcs it takes an hour to get the aging potion. I am so sad, I was actually excited for this update……

  33. i tried it, it didn't actually became full grown……

  34. my dream pet is MFR bat dragon, my username is MVPprogirl, ty for the amazing video!

  35. did anyone know that the Beach area from lion cub leak was never released in this update!

  36. WTH but how do you get the grown potion😡

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