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#HungryCrocodie Animal Games – Andriodgameplay | Gamingzone A-Z |

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About Game :

Crocodile Simulator Animal Game. Enjoy Real Animal Simulator in Crocodile Games.

Hungry Crocodile Animal Simulator

Welcome to the Vicious World of Hungry Crocodile where you would play as a hungry crocodile and hunt everything that would come in your way whether it’s a human or animal. This is a crocodile simulator game where the user will play the role of a Hungry Crocodile that has been unleashed upon an island and tourists on the islands are in deep trouble. Your job is to feed your crocodile because this Hungry Crocodile needs a massive amount of food. Crocodile doesn’t care that whether it’s a Human or an animal, the crocodile will attack whatever comes in his way, feed your crocodile so he may grow into a mega crocodile that rules the island of crocodile games.

🐊 Realistic Islands and Sea Water in Hunting Games.
🐊 Detailed gameplay with authentic Crocodile Simulator Controls.
🐊 Amazing user interface that facilitates the user.
🐊 True to life Gameplay Experience.

Crocodile Simulator Animal Game

This animal game is designed in a way that the user will never get bored of it, the endless beach and island environment are boundless so travel from one island to another. Your angry crocodile can swim and run on sand to chase humans in crocodile games. Humans are innocent but this crocodile is mean and he would do anything to fulfil his hunger. If you are a fan of animal games then this game has a lot of things that will excite you. Most exclusively the Animal Hunting Mode where the crocodile will attack innocent animals on the islands.

🐊 Amazing Sound Effects and Visual Effects.
🐊 Special Attacks to destroy your targets from distance.
🐊 Crocodile Sprint to move even faster.
🐊 Smooth Gameplay with amazing controls in Crocodile Simulator..

Offline Games

Animal Simulator games are exciting to play so we designed this game with a crazy animal attacking other animals. This game has both offline games and multiplayer games mode where the user will compete with other crocodiles and the one crocodile that will achieve his objective will be declared winner. Compete with crocodiles of the world and become champion of Multiplayer Games Mode. This crocodile games also offers offline games mode where the user will fulfil the objectives by Him/herself. Attack the humans and animals roaming around different islands of Latin America, thailand, philippines and famous islands around the world.

🐊 Endless Environment with Offline Games Mode.
🐊 Countless Hunting in Massacre Mode
🐊 Compete with other Crocodiles in Multiplayer Games Mode.
🐊 Swim in water with Aquatic Mode.

Animal Games

This is a detailed game with animal hunting games mode with multiple animals to hunt. Become an animal hunter and hunt all the animals. This mode also has deer so this becomes a deer hunting game for instance when your Hungry Crocodile will attack and hunt deer like deer games where you have to perform Deer Hunting like a professional Deer Hunter. Animal Games are nowadays popular among everyone and this crocodile game is giving you everything that you have been searching for. Enjoy playing at funfilled realistic environment of the island with crocodile hunting mode which will test your Hunting Games skills.

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