HUNTING EVERY ANIMAL IN THE GAME! (2021 Edition) Call Of The Wild


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  1. I just started playing on PS4 and I feel like their is no animals. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong lol would love any tips

  2. I appreciate you zooming in on the shots.

  3. I dropped a diamond rocky mountain elk with a 270. the 270 is soooooo under rated

  4. They forgot to add brow tines to the game and I saw that on the one you shot on the Whitetail buckFor some reason I only did it to wait till box

  5. Sorry I meant to say bucks for some reason I put box

  6. Talk about how long it took to make that video it must be long that’s how you know you found a real good YouTube or

  7. My dad shot a black ibex and it was one of those ones that you can always find that are easy and had super big horns did the horns are almost poking its eyes out

  8. What the Grey wolf’s pack said after you killed those two grey wolves and left to the police officer
    Pack: Ya we were just coming home after some brunch and we found Bob dead and a human with a gun so we circled around him and he killed obama with a recurve bow
    Police officer: well its your fault that Obama died because you circled around the human and made him feel threatened
    Pack: But that doesn’t justify murder

  9. 🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌😡😡😡😡

  10. 1st day playing this game I mounted an albino have not seen one since we're are they?

  11. Only level 9 so far but i love this game starting to get the hang of the shot placements

  12. I watched until you swapped guns for the puma! Lies I tell you lies! Jk lol

  13. I hope that someday, they add a 25-06. Or a 600 nitro.

  14. I love your vids thanks for taking all that time to make this one everyone appreciate this man

  15. I have a question, why were you using the red dot sight instead of like a 4X 8X magnification scope or is the 470 only available to red dot?

  16. That 470 does NOT mess around and I love it
    And that thing was so overkill on the smaller gameπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. I have a albino leopard kudu in my truck to add right now it has bigger more than that

  18. I kinda hate how this game doesn’t accommodate for how much that whitetail rabbit and the duck that he shot in the beginning would be destroyed by that 470

  19. My first time in the Vurhonga map I seen a 9 Mythical lion and he scored 0.1 under diamond. I was so pumped but yet so disappointed.

  20. Anyone know which gun he was using, can’t remember if he mentioned it or not

  21. What are those binoculars called? I have the game but I don't know the name of the binoculars

  22. i love how hyped he gets it makes me so happy

  23. That was crazy and super gun to watch one day I want the 470 nitro express!

  24. Eric’s Outdoors Hunting and Fishing says:

    Next one of these you should use a 22.

  25. I wish trying to count how many times he said 470 nitro

  26. Lol sometimes you seem like you don’t really know the game. You go hunting deer with a 470 but the stats clearly says it’s class 9 only for integrity lol I get confused by that sometimes

  27. Started it thinking id watch a couple mins.. Couldnt stop..

  28. Being able to consistently hit a heart shot is plain skill in my book this game is hard as to aim. Atleast when you a low lv

  29. I'm clearly terrible at this game. Pretty sure every animal I shoot is at 200+ running from me. It's crazy seeing someone getting the animals to walk up at 20 yards.

  30. You got so excited when you killed a blackbuck with a 470

  31. When you realize most animals under class 5 in real life would’ve more than likely exploded from the impact of a round like this. I want to see a .700 nitro express added now just because monster bore.

  32. 16:32 it says 5 medium male brown bear but then when he claims it it is a 4 easy female

  33. I killed an 8 mythical with the 470 at 164 yards but it was just off of a diamond

  34. You haven't seen no animal in call of the wild until u have seen the mythic Whitetail stag

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