I Got The Strongest YEET! in Pet Sim X & This Happened…

Roblox Pet Simulator X yeet update strongest pet if not 2nd strongest.. not too sure on the claim.. but it is over powered and approved. Today I also show my gaming setup because I saw a tweet from Nightfoxx that he was going to react to some setups.

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  1. Your titanic is only poweful if you have a powerful pet it is not powerfull on its own

  2. shiny dark matter toilet cat has left the chat

  3. Hey ram quick tip, if u fuse 12 golden basketball retrievers together from the dog world, u will get a rainbow wildfire agony. I did it and i got really far when i tried. Love the vids! ❤


  5. Hey ram its me again the other day we put flowers by zumi's grave and a humming bird came flew fast then i said zumi is that u and the humming bird came back! I think zumi came back as a bird 2 say i made it to dog heaven and im doing ok. It made my day

  6. love FROM NOTHERN IRELANDDD YOU ARE A TRUE IRSH hello susy its me all night gamer aka GFORCERTX3090i aka Richiexgentle hehehehe love vids
    you are kinda sus how is your day you are working hard but i still watch your vids 🙂

  7. Ps could get a shoutout yeetbroforlife need good pets only have 1 event pet no exclusives m-10 prototype

  8. Its crazy how if bgs still updated, it would still be alive and most youtubers would grow instead of die off.

  9. ram forgot to get a critical yeet. it might have sent him on the leaderboards for a bit

  10. 2:00 I love rams content but sometimes he makes me feel smart

  11. Bro I got a better laptop for 750 💀💀💀💀

  12. For interested: dm toilet cat (sercet) is 700 +q, shiny one 1,2 + qt

  13. Hey Ram, I know you've been getting confused with why the huges and titanics are 25k strength. So, for example, if you equip a huge it would be 25k strength but then if you equip your best yeet strength pet, the huge will increase to that yeet strength. So its basically based on your stat pet which is equipped at the time. I hope I helped you out 🙂

  14. its sad that ram is getting less views, i hope it wont go worse, he is such a good youtuber and should have much more views

  15. Good video Ram, Have a nice day! Keep up the good work

  16. Op med humøret min ven. De faldende views skal nok komme igen. Du er en super youtuber ❤ Har du ikke en discord server? Invitationslinket på din yt profil virker ikke….

  17. Cap shiny darkmatter toilet cat is the strongest

  18. If u guys wanna get these yeet agonies
    fuse 12 /10 Basketball retriever
    and u get a rb

  19. Day 1 asking for any huge user DAVE_ANDRE110

  20. Just wait till he gets a shiny dm secret (1Qt)

  21. I just love watching your videos! You have an amazing personality!

  22. Hey you want sicret pet in the game the npcu send 6 huge first ok send this account toyutoyugg send the 6 huge ok deal?

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