I Hunted Every Animal in the Yukon Valley!

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  1. In the Yukon which is in Canada we’re a live the 10 millimeter is illegal

  2. Can you play Hunter call the wild with me my username is lol oddball 15

  3. You mean to say LOL I meant to say l i l

  4. Kendall I did not mean to say LOL for you I meant to say I did not mean to say LOL in my in my username I meant to say lil

  5. kg i love you so much and i want to meat you my mom made a Account but i am a boy and when i am having a bad day i watch your videos and it makes my day way better

  6. Kg literally shot a level 9 legendary but luckily it wasn't a dimaond.

  7. Legend has it that wolf still laying dead out there

  8. Go to maps and there's like turkeys and stuff when we don't know if we broke the game or what's wrong

  9. We are we are unlocked logies even though we did some popped up when we didn't know what it was

  10. This game doesn’t make that much sense because I seen a hunter shoot a alpha right in the neck I think through the neck spine that alpha never hit up ever again.

  11. Slate Lick Missionary Baptist Church says:

    How many turkeys have you killed in hunter call of the wild

  12. I like how he says we have to kill them in a realistic matter and get the vital blood shih tzu Fox in the flesh and his thinks it is ok

  13. How are you always finding animals when I can’t even find a single deer or black bear in Layton lake

  14. Get the Malmer 7mm it has 250 range and is class 4 to 9 as well

  15. What is that game called I love hunting games

  16. He's gotten so much better at gaming videos than when he first started

  17. Bro, needs to post more videos more often

  18. You have to get a small audio water and calls in the right gun

  19. Hey Kendall gray I want to ask you a question, so can you make a video on if you kill every animal there is that might be hard though😅

  20. What’s your game name I play too I’m level 15

  21. You should kill every animal in each map in one vid

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