I played weird virtual pet games | Jaiden Animations | AyChristene Reacts

I played weird virtual pet games | Jaiden Animations | AyChristene Reacts | AyChristene –
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  1. I had a blue robo dog that flipped I kept on getting scared when he flipped

    I also had hamsterz life

  2. Beautiful hair you have! I’m about to dye my hair in summer like purple and blue

  3. You should check out leave luanne a 35 MM Musical animatic by red puppet

  4. Why did the bird tell a parody of the Japanese myth Momotaro.(see Miscellaneous Myths series)

  5. I know I had that Robo dog I remember it vividly because I remember him doing flips

  6. Why do you always speak ALOT every time at the end of your videos???

  7. I'm really sad because my two hamsters died

  8. I just to watch this video that you're reacting to

  9. goodnight my friend I hope to see u soon and I hope you have a great day and a great weekend too and hope you have a great weekend and that your day is off to a good start and in order to 667 Togo hee Trott

  10. That’s the best thing about virtual pets they never have to leave us

  11. luvxox undertale, Hazbin hotel,gacha etc says:

    The story that the bird told is a parody of the Japanese folktale called momotaro

  12. Fun fact: The story the bird tells (about the boy who came out of an egg and went with his animal friends to “Ogre Island”) is a parody of the story of Momotaro, a Japanese folktale.

    Momotaro (lit. “Peach Boy”) was born from a giant peach his mother found drifting along a river as she was doing the washing. Eventually, Momotaro sets out to a local island inhabited by oni (the “ogres” in “Ogre Island”) and along the way meets a dog, a monkey and a pheasant. With his animal friends, Momotaro drives off the oni and claims their hoard of treasure, bringing it home to his parents.

  13. The story that the bird was telling made me think about Momotaro.

  14. Fun fact: in jaidens video the parrot looked like a robin its a kind of bird wait is robin that robin….😳

  15. Have you reacted to Jaiden's Face reveal??? If not PLEASE go watch it. It's sad and… Jusssst watch it.

  16. i had a nintendo ds with nintendogs on it abut a year ago

  17. The parrot story is its version of momotaro, the peach baby.

  18. Oh the name of the robot dog is Poo-chi and yes the other pet near is a furby if im not wrong i think both came from tiger electronics and where very popular in the 90s

  19. I had a Hamster once, but it died of starvation cause I forgot to feed it, I'm surprised my mom got me a Dog much less two

  20. I have a Robo safety ann but it broke I can’t kind of work but it doesn’t have batteries I don’t know how it works

  21. If my dogs die I would cry for like a 1000 years now for 2 days

  22. My brother has robosapian and it doesn't really work any more but sometimes when no one is using it I hear it make noises.😬

  23. i love how she was like confused when she heard the story the bird was telling, and legit my country like has a legend? similar to that, like i think a child came out of a watermelon and we have to memorize it for our exam or something ✋😭

  24. I had a Robodog and It didn't Work that good by that I mean
    It didn't work at all

  25. That’s funny because my dog is named scruffy so that’s weird

  26. Champ is so giant because he is an orangutan

  27. I have depression my dog passed away in 3 febuary 2021 (its why i. hate 2021 more then 2020)

  28. Champ in an online game
    Cyber bully’s:grow up
    Champ: Ok! When my owners gets me 3 hearts I will!

  29. Jamey The Salute Guy Touhou FTW CYSDN FTL says:

    love mametchi

  30. Furbys were the best before they became “creepy”

  31. That monkey is almost as big as me

  32. 7:04 I'm gowing two hwang ywour intwestwines fwom the ceiwing UwU

  33. My first virtual pet game is little friends dogs and cats it was cute but it turned cuter and cuter os i hope anyone see this nintendo game

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