I Spent $64,000 to HATCH Titanic COSMIC PEGASUS..



  1. Dumb bot scammers be like:cAN wE (bLaH bLAh bLAh)

  2. I got scammed off my pop cat:( I hope you have an amazing day

  3. You declined my cousins huge I'm still subbed anyway

  4. Please tell me how to get good at pet simulator X please

  5. Bro UR a bum u dint even see liedyou cheat – _-

  6. Hey dígito can i plz get a huge pet
    User Angleye22

  7. Pls digito give me huge my user is call_meop9 pls digito I'dont have huge pet in my life 😭😭🙏🙏

  8. Digital just search Prestongifts there's Titanic there it's so vhea6

  9. My son got hacked on this game by this user: richgirl359. She/Him.. have multiple accounts for hacking kids. She steal from my son 39 huges. I pay real money for them. My son is 6 years old. Now is crying, 4 days like… and what are you doing Preston? Nothing… multiple report and nothing, still hacking kids.. My son account is Matelotz2016

  10. Digito Add me my name is xD_boy9000 Please

  11. Digito can i have huge plzz cause i get scammed by your fans 😢😢😢😢
    username: exkillling

  12. I was able to hatch a RAINBOW HUGE COSMIC AXOLOL from one egg

  13. Hi guys! If you play pet sim x, you need to hear this out. There is a new scammer call "Cozmo_PH". He literally just scam me! He said if you buy my legendary pet for 1B he will give me huge. Then, I buy it, but he scam me! He didnt give the huge until now 🙁

  14. Digits can you gift me my first huge😢 please

  15. Gift me huge anyone pls user Eyas_lavafire

  16. I don’t know why he was still play pet simulator💀💀💀


  18. Can u gift me huge im poor my name is rdghostt54 plsss.

  19. I spent 16b gems on event pets cause I thought I would get a guaranteed huge egg on the huge a tron

  20. Digito make more games about Blox fruits cause it’s really fun and I just got angel v4!

  21. Bro ne pla one huge name me: ( sodjeppd ) brother pls pls pls pls pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  22. I’m a fan can I get some pets please I’m a huge fan of you

  23. OMG! You Well be saying that,well when i quitted psx and didnt watch digito anymore eh had only 1m subs and Now he had over 2m !
    That is just crazy for Someone getting that much subs in a such little time,keep up the good work digito! Il you continue like this you will get at 3m in no time! Good bye!

  24. Digito please let me play with you please Digito

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